1. Richie says

    He’s looking really good. He was always hot but a tad soft… not he’s more toned and muscular.

    Plus he seems like an all round great guy and has done a lot of LGBT rights!

  2. AriesMatt says

    @Shannon, you may be entitled to your own opinion, but you are clearly in the extreme minority.

    Ben, PLEASE be a vain exhibitionist as much as you want and we promise not to judge. Just make sure you tweet or FB all the pics for us to enjoy!

    I don’t watch Strictly or Dancing With The Stars, but I may have to make an exception to see him strut his stuff. Yummy!

  3. andrew says

    @SHANNON: We don’t have to tell Ben that he is hot. He works out in a GYM and chances are pretty good that he has seen himself in a mirror. Yes SHANNON, BEN IS HOT !!!!!!

  4. Seattle Mike says

    Well, just saw the first clip of him dancing as part of the first group dance. If there was ever any doubt that he was straight, his dance moves have forever put that to rest. Bless his heart, he has zero sense of rhythm.

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