1. litper says

    Oh yes, totally “straight”, just like those “straight” guys on lonely nights in your college…

  2. jjose712 says

    Frankly i get the straight obsession that some gays have really absurd.
    It’s like those straight girls who think that all good looking guys are gays.
    The truth is there are gorgeous guys of all sexual orientations.

    It’s nice that the show continue to tell Will’s story.
    Unfortunately Carmack is right, coming out of the closet in country music it will be a mainstream suicide (today thanks to internet, you have other ways to have a career without radio support).
    With very few exceptions, most country male stars look the same and sound the same (and that’s one of the reasons there’s practically no crossovers from country male stars in recent years, because that image only appeal to country fans).

    In a couple of years maybe it will be different, but i think it needs to get better on pop first, because there’s practically noone gay charting on pop charts right now either.

  3. Geoff says

    I’m bothered by the beer thing. Almost excuses the moment. Damn it. It’s just as cliched as “step-n-fetch-it black-face was.
    Damn it.

  4. AriesMatt says

    Love Nashville. Can’t understand why more people aren’t tuning in. It’s really one of the better dramas on TV right now. Sure, some of the ways they handle the music isn’t realistic, but the acting and singing/music is top notch, as well as the writing. Highly recommend it if you’re not watching.

  5. m says

    We need gay kissing on tv. Until people stop squirming when they see it. When it becomes blase’ everyone can just relax. Can’t wait.

  6. alex says

    @jjose712: Saying that most male country singers look and sound the same is silly. If you think that Hunter Hayes, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw all look alike, you might want to get your eyes checked.

    As for sounding alike, the country genre has a wider range of male vocalists when compared to pop or rock. Deep bass singers can become solo artists instead of being relegated to being the “guy that never gets solos” in a vocal pop group.

  7. emjayay says

    Years ago on TV I saw a country band, I think the guy who had a hit which would have already been decades old about going to El Paso, and that guy seemed just gay gay gay Paul Linde gay. I’ll have to try some Google and YouTube research, unless of course someone here is ahead of me on this.

  8. David From Canada says

    @EMJAYAY: I am a Music Lover and have a ton of vinyl records. I think the man/musician you are talking about is Marty Robbins. Years ago he had a big #1 hit called “El Paso”. He was basically a Country singer but his songs were very popular and crossed over to the pop charts many times.
    He has since passed away, but I had no idea that he might have been gay.

  9. Gabe R L says

    JJOSE712: in my experience gorgeous guys past twenty-one or twenty-two are all orientations except straight.

    And there has been talk about Carmack.

  10. Robert in SF says

    Is it me, or do all straight actors who have to passionately kiss another man, as a gay character, always…always…always put their hand on the face of the other actor and mush their lips onto the other actor’s?

    It as though they use their hands to control the other actor’s face or head, so as to somehow prevent the other actor from making the wrong move and kissing them wrong…I can’t explain it, but I notice it happen almost all the time.

  11. says

    Steve Grand never claimed to be a country artist and considering his playlist at past live performances, he’s more ‘pop’. What gave him that label? Wearing blue jeans and flannel? A video at a campgrounds and lake? You know we have those in the Chicago area. Please allow him to grow his fan base. So, a country artist who’s openly gay is a career killer, well you could also say being gay “openly” playing country is also bold,

  12. jjose712 says

    alex: Hunter Hayes represent a new generation of male country singers, and he is in fact the only one in recent years that has a crossover hit.
    Tim McGraw did a duet with Nelly (something that did Florida Georgia Lane this same year), doing a duet with someone who is not in your genre is thinking outside the box.

    But the truth is, a lot of country male singer had the same image, in fact a lot of album covers seem a little variation of the others, and there’s an incredibly amount of songs about trucks and tractors.

    Country is a very conservative chart, even some of the biggest country stars are female (like Miranda and Carrie) generally are the males the ones who get more airplay. And they have an incredibly resistance to new talent specially if they have a different sound (the fantastic Merry go round barely reached the top 10 in that format even with good sales).

    I always like country because a lot of songs tell stories, something that is missed on pop, but generally are the females that have better lyrics (as i say, with exceptions).

    And unfortunately, i think exactly the same Chris said, being openly gay will kill (at least right now) your career in country music

  13. jjose712 says

    Gabe R L: Frankly, i don’t know anything at all about Carmack’s sexual orientation.

    And i could agree with you affirmation some years ago, but right now there are a lot of straight men who take care of themselves and got old looking good

  14. Gabe R L says

    JJose712: Thank you for your response.
    I know the supposedly straight men you are talking about; at least half of my boy toys come from that group. Like I said, these guys are anything but straight. They could be bent, bi/confused, or just plai gay but not straight. The very few I see that might be truly straight are too boring for me to care about, and even then they don’t llok that good up close. Thank you again for responding.