Family Research Council VP Says Same-Sex Unions ‘Threaten…The Well-Being Of Countless Families’

The Family Research Council is at it again. Senior Vice President Rob Schwarzwalder issued a rather confused statement about the injustice of same-sex unions proponents' claims of injustice surrounding the lack of universal legalization of gay marriage in America. Schwarzwalder has wrapped this gold nugget of an idea within an essay about why male-female unions are the only relationships which can be claimed as "natural marriages."  

SchwarzwalderThe essay, via the Family Research Council's website, reads:

Organizations like Freedom to Marry, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Human Rights Campaign argue that same-sex marriage is a matter of justice: If two same-sex partners (1) love one another romantically and (2) volitionally choose to wed, there should be no legal impediments to their doing so. They assert that such impediments imply some combination of ignorance, religious bigotry, or sheer homophobia.

The claim of injustice is itself unjust. Because people want to do something that does not adversely affect those immediately around them (e.g., neighbors or co-workers) does not mean they should be allowed to do so. Society is organic and, thus, so is harm. Same-sex unions do not threaten any healthy natural marriage but, rather, they threaten the institution of marriage and, thereby, the well-being of countless families.

Similarly, we have laws against myriad "victimless" crimes (substance abuse, prostitution, etc.) not only because they harm individuals who engage in them but also because they degrade society. Consensual homosexual unions might cause no apparent distress to persons proximate to them, but they diminish an institution – marriage – without which, civilization will erode ever more quickly. And in case one hasn't noticed, natural marriage in the United States is in enough trouble as it is.

Family_Research_Council_logo3In their very unnaturalness, it seems that homosexual unions are degrading society. Oh, and in the same way that substance abuse and prostitution–both issues with intense ties to American income disparity and psychological/physical harm–are. 

Good as You reports:

It's the kind of claim that manages to marry the anti-gay far right's most cherished mindsets: blame and superiority.

The obvious truth is that denying civil marriage equality to taxpayers who love and live within same-sex couplings is, in fact, an injustice. It would be even if Mr. Schwarzwalder and his employer were less histrionic about the Pandora's Box that gay people's golden rings supposedly opens.


  1. Tigerama says

    The knots they have to tie themselves into these days – no, see, it doesn’t threaten existing marriages, but the IDEA of marriage!!

    Shut up.

  2. JamesInCA says

    They just make themselves more ridiculous with these things.

    In fact, if you follow his thread about drugs and prostitution, his logic leads to the criminalization of same-sex relations. But if that’s the best they can come up with (and it’s really all they’ve ever had), they lost the battle in 2003 with Lawrence.

  3. says

    Natural marriage like in the Bible. Where women were chattel and a man could have oh say 700 or so wives and concubines. And slaves. That kind of natural. Man made natural.

  4. woody says

    They should go with that argument.
    nobody can claim harm.
    gay marriage doesn’t harm anyone; it just harms an idea.
    even though corporations are treated like people under US law, i don’t think ideas are.

  5. anon says

    Politics is about pushing through opposition, not meeting half-way. Otherwise, you are dealing with arguments such as this one.

  6. nick says

    Research has nothing to do with what they are blathering about. Study your fairy tales and evaluate them in a true scientific method and tell us what you find theocrats. BTW -whose version of Christianity do you find acceptable?–surely not those Mary-loving Catholics!

  7. StevyD says

    These idiots, remaining unshackled because of the bright idea to shutter our insane asylums, will never give up the fight, much like their role model Adolph Hitler, and instead choose to end it all in a blazing immolation, which will be nothing compared to the flames of hell in which they will awaken.

  8. C. Foley says

    Yes, the well-being of countless families. Literally countless, since there’s nothing to count. So I actually agree with him there.

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    isn’t it funny how they keep pulling this krapola outta their behinds and throwing it–without one shred of data to back themselves up?

  10. says

    it’s true. the more gay people Come Out, and the more gay couples that get married, the more the children born into vehemently anti-gay families will find the strength to Come Out and get married.

    Matt Salmon, GOP senator, doesn’t want his son to get married to another man. He’d prefer to walk his son down the aisle the way Rick Warren did – in a casket.

  11. Jerry6 says

    Hey! Wingnut! YES, YOU” Exactly how does my marrying another Male have any effect on your life or any other member of your family? Please let me know. Thank you.