FRC’s Tony Perkins Says Military’s Gay Policies Discriminate Against Straight Soldiers

Straight soldiers are being discriminated against by the U.S. military, according to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. Why? Because gay service members who want to marry are getting paid leave so they can travel to a state where it's legal to do so. Perkins whines that straight soldiers don't get the same benefits, Right Wing Watch reports.

T_perkinsOf course, Perkins overlooks the easiest solution that would remove this "discriminatory" situation. Let gays marry in all 50 states.

Says Perkins:

For our troops, marriage is becoming the biggest battlefield. Hello, I'm Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council in Washington. Thanks to the Pentagon, taxpayers are giving gay service members quite a wedding gift. According to the Defense Department, homosexual troops are getting some extra incentives to get hitched–including 10 days of bonus leave. The AP says gay and lesbian military members will get as many as two weeks of extra vacation time to travel to states that allow same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the Defense Department says it "remains committed to ensuring that all men and women who service in the U.S. military… are treated fairly." If that were true, heterosexual couples would be getting the same benefits. See, this special, taxpayer-funded leave isn't just expensive–it's discriminatory. According to the Pentagon, heterosexual couples aren't eligible. How's that for equality? The administration says this perk "level[s] the playing field between opposite-sex and same-sex couples." But when it comes to extra vacation days, the only thing the military is taking leave of is their senses!

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  1. Christophe says

    You know, Tony – everyone can see through your lies, bitterness, politics and scapegoating. Even to yourself you’re not convincing. Just stfu, and get a real life.

  2. Lucca says

    Well, if the straight soldiers are in a state that discriminates against their getting married, then they should have the same right to fly to another state that does allow them to get legally married.

    Try wrapping your pointy head around that bit of logic Tony Boy.

  3. James in Toronto says

    I’d guess that it’s similar to GOP politicians pandering to their tea-party base. Perkins is trying to seem relevant, and newsworthy, to stay in business and keep the money from supporters rolling in. If he doesn’t, he just fades into obscurity.

    However, “this” headline grab seems a bit thin. (Pat Robertson does it so much better, don’t you think?)

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Tony Perkins is one dumbass money-begging M-Fer for the base stupidity of his unfair-to-str8-service members argument. This policy wouldn’t be necessary for gays if we were allowed to get married in all 50 states. Furthermore, as I understand the new policy, the two weeks period is for service people stationed overseas who have to fly back to a state that permits SSM. Tony, Tony, Tony, you are an idiot for using the foulest of logic in your bigoted argument.

  5. says

    Poor Tony is too blind to see that if gay people would be treated fairly all across the US, this bonus “benefit” wouldn’t be necessary!

    Speaking of which, does anyone know if this benefit is applicable to military service men and women who are stationed in states that allow marriage equality?

  6. Joe says

    You lost, Tony-how does it feel to have a big, heavy door slammed in your face each time you open your mouth? When same-sex marriage is finally legal in all 50 states- and we have momentum- maybe then you’ll see the “light”.

  7. says

    He really has become a laughing stock.

    Tony, the solution to your imagined problem is to campaign to have same sex marriage legal in every state thus avoiding the necessity to travel.

    You will always lose these arguments Tony because everyone hates a malevolent Umpa-Lumpa.
    And you have become the ultimate Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Evil Troll.

  8. Gregory In Seattle says

    Presumably in the same way that allowing women to serve discriminated against dudebros, and integrating the ranks discriminated against the white racists.

  9. Gregory In Seattle says

    Actually, Mr. Perkins, the policy is worded very neutrally: if a straight couple wishes to get married in a jurisdiction where their marriage is prohibited by law, they, too, can take the 10 days of leave.

    Of course, every state in the US allows mixed-sex couples to get married, so such couples do not qualify. Nor can same-sex couples stationed in Washington, Massachusetts and the like.

  10. Randy says

    Every statement this closeted gay man makes just drives him deeper into his closet and puts another padlock on his door. Hopefully he will sound so ridiculous that the media will finally STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM !!

  11. Lymis says

    Well, presumably this might apply to straight servicemembers who are engaged to their first cousins and are stationed in states the don’t allow that, or some kinds of age-related issues, so you can have 7 days to go to Alabama to marry your 15 year-old fiancee.

    But seriously, this reminds me of all the cries of discrimination from straight people when limited domestic partnerships were created in places that only let gay people get them. “How come you’re discriminating against us?!?”

  12. RonCharles says

    It is truly disgusting to see Tony “Another-Ted-Haggard-Just-Waiting-To-Happen” Perkins spreading hatred against other gays who, unlike him, are out, open and honest about who they are. The only surprise here is that Ralph “Bottom-Boy” Reed is not standing beside him simpering and pretending to be straight, too.

  13. walter says

    screw him the horse he rode in and all his bigoted friends. just another deeply closeted self loathing gay man who wants what he doesn’t have the balls to have

  14. thom says


  15. Charlie says

    I actually think he is pretty cunning and not a dumb man. Who knows if he believes what he says? He knows that it keeps the bucks rolling in so he keeps it up. The dumb ones are the ones who take what he says as “logical” without a second thought and then send in their money.

  16. says

    You’re so right, Tony! Just like when women were finally allowed to vote, it totally interfered with men’s right to vote! And when interracial couples were legally able to wed, it caused every white couple in the world to get divorced! Spread the word, Tony!

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