Gambian President Calls Homosexuality One of the ‘Biggest Threats to Human Existence’ in UN Address


At the United Nations General Assembly earlier today, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh continued his crusade against homosexuality, labeling it as one of the three "biggest threats to human existence." The AP reports that Jammeh used his address to say that homosexuality, along with greed and obsession with world domination, is "more deadly than all natural disasters put together."

Jammeh's hard-line stance against gays and lesbians has been well-documented here on Towleroad. Back in 2008, he announced plans to "cut off the head" of any homosexual caught in his country. In April, Jammeh reiterated his stern warning: "Homosexuals are not welcome in Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born." 


  1. JCTSF says

    Hardly surprising that the president of the smallest country on the world’s poorest continent should feel threatened. But gays make for a convenient scapegoat.

  2. UN says

    Bark away bitches, with your superficial comments. He’s no African descendent pushover, like our “leader.” Time will tell. Decades will reveal. May you all live to a very old age.

  3. UFFDA says

    UN thinks he’s being wise by implying that if we all live to be old enough we’ll find that being gay is wrong and that an utter asshat like Jammeh was a wiseman. LOL.

  4. UFFDA says

    UN thinks he’s being wise by implying that if we all live to be old enough we’ll find that being gay is wrong and that an utter asshat like Jammeh was a wiseman. LOL.


    He must have a point thought as before reading this article I didn’t know Gambia existed, homosexual must be erasing Gambia out of the Earth’s map. Just kidding, but, my gosh, what do you expect from most of Africa. They are still struggling to enter to the XX century, forget about the XXI. Not the best continent for Human Rights or even for the understanding of what Human Rights are. Sadly it seems like poverty, the support of Christian fundamentalist and “missionaries working for charities”, the spreading of Islam, the support of countries witch don’t have good records themselves –like China and Russia- will keep them in the dark. Not a good perspective there.

  6. You Idiot says

    @DANCOB@MINDSPRING – Have you ever been to Africa? How dare you make a statement such as that about an entire continent. Africa has some of the most beautiful flora and fauna on the face of the planet. You might want to thank YOUR MISSIONARIES for going to Africa and spreading this hatred of homosexuals. Perhaps instead of placing a penis in your mouth you should take the time to read a book.

  7. Bill says

    If something similar to the comet/meteor/asteroid that hit Siberia about 100 years ago landed on this moron’s palace, even he might change his mind about what is worse. Unfortunately, it would probably take a direct hit to get the facts of life noticed through his thick skull.

  8. Tim doro says

    @YOU IDIOT i don’t think any one here would ever want to go to Africa considering the violence, poverty, corruption, ignorance, and religious extremism. there is not one country on the continent that any of us would consider even being remotely pleasant and who cares if the flora and fauna are the prettiest in the world if you can’t you can’t walk down the street holding your loved one’s hand.

  9. Joe says

    Most of Afreeka is a toilet, peopled by superstitious people and ruled by despots. The Scott Livelys and other religious should be made to live there to get the full benefit of their “handiwork”.

  10. Craig says

    In a certain respect he’s right. The only way to stop gays is for straight people to stop having sex. If he can manage to do that then, yes humanity is in peril. But good luck with that.

  11. Bill says

    @UN: he doesn’t have a PhD in beheading. He’s more like Koko, the Lord High Executioner in Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Mikado (but with a bad disposition): “My good sir, as Lord High Executioner, I’ve got to behead him in a month. I’m not ready yet. I don’t know how it’s done. I’m going to take lessons. I mean to begin with a guinea pig, and work my way through the animal kingdom till I come to a Second Trombone. Why, you don’t suppose that, as a humane man, I’d have accepted the post of Lord High Executioner if I hadn’t thought the duties were purely nominal? I can’t kill you – I can’t kill anything! I can’t kill anybody! (Weeps.)”

  12. Bill says

    Given that the population of Los Angeles is over twice the 1.728 million for Gambia in 2010, maybe we should refer to this character as “The mayor of the Gambia”.

  13. Bill says

    @Hagatha: that makes two Kokos – the gorilla and the Lord High Executioner!

    Maybe we should compare him to Pooh-Bah, who could trace his ancestry back to a “protoplasmal primordial atomic globule” and was born sneering as a result!

  14. Obama says

    If the people of this present generation are not selfish,they would not hesitate to give rise to future leader,. Think of how you came about,president jammeh is right.

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