1. Bob says

    “What do you think? Is Putin closeted, or just a power-hungry homophobe?”

    Like so many others, Joseph misses the point that homophobia is often not the point (and it is ridiculous to speculate that Poo-tin is closeted)
    THE POINT IS POWER — Putin needs the Orthodox church and its followers in the same way that Christie needs the catholic church and conservative catholic groups.

    WE ARE NOT MIND READERS — We can’t tell if these politicians and church leaders feel hate, or just see an opportunity to rally their troops, using a convenient group.
    In the USA:
    120 years ago, it was the Irish
    80 years ago, it was Jewish people
    50 years ago, they had to stop blaming the Blacks.

    We should be fighting their actions, not what we think are their opinions.
    PS– the video is stupid and childish

  2. David From Canada says

    @Slow down Bob! You’ve got it wrong. Putin doesn’t need the Russian Orthodox Churchs and their priests – they need him. He’s the man with all the power. Putin simply uses the Orthodox churches and priests as pawns in his game to stay in control in Russia. If they got out of hand and rebelled against them, he’d mow them down.
    Putin is as sly as a fox and knows how to manipulate everyone in his own country. I suspect that he doesn’t really care what the rest of the world thinks of him, just as long as he can stay in power in his homeland.
    He has zero concern for gays in Russia, which is a huge indication of how he would treat other people as well.

  3. Bob says

    @David — I will refrain from ripping your head off for the 1980s controlling cliche “slow down” because you are Canadian, and men still say chauvinist crap there.
    Of course he is using the church, but it is very popular, and the only sensible explanation for the anti-Gay pronouncements is that it caters to the church and other conservative interests, and makes a uniquely Russian point of view in a more liberal world
    I can’t imagine why anyone would think any Russian despot had any concern for anyone.

  4. Rob says

    I doubt he is gay, but I might not have thought Qadaffi would have gone out of his way to rape boys and men. I do think it’s a good time to point out that men who go out of their way to victimize gays often have issues. Once homophobia and repressed homosexual desire are more firmly linked I think homophobes might think twice about speaking up.

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

  5. jarago says

    Usually when anyone is rabidly again any group or race it means they have some hidden personal issue- perhaps Puttin is not a closet case – but did he have a gay brother?!