Mary Cheney Calls Liz Cheney ‘Dead Wrong’ on Gay Marriage Position

Liz Cheney, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Wyoming, responded to charges from her opponent Mike Enzi that she "aggressively promotes" gay marriage by making this statement on Friday:

“I am strongly pro-life and I am not pro-gay marriage, [I believe] the issue of marriage must be decided by the states, and by the people in the states, not by judges and not even by legislators, but by the people themselves.”

CheneypoeCheney's sister Mary, who is gay and married Heather Poe last year, responded to her sister's remarks:

Posting on Facebook on Friday evening, Mary Cheney, who is gay and married her longtime partner last year, wrote: “For the record, I love my sister, but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage.”

Their father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, supports same-sex marriage, and the younger Cheney echoed some of his language on the issue when she added, “Freedom means freedom for everyone.”

“That means that all families — regardless of how they look or how they are made — all families are entitled to the same rights, privileges and protections as every other,” Mary Cheney wrote.