1. MikeBoston says

    He is a bully and a hypocrite. The duly elected representative of New Jersey voted to make civil marriage equality the law. He vetoed their decision. After the Supreme Court ruling he used the old ‘one judge made this decision’ and claimed it was not democratic. Yet he doesn’t see the irony that one governor overruled the will of the majority of his legislature. What a bigot.

  2. guest says

    Freedom for slaves!?! Put it on the ballot.

    Women want the vote!?! Put it on the ballot.

    Child labor laws!?! Put it on the ballot.

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Sorry, but there ARE somethings that the voting public are just too damn STUPID to be allowed to vote on!

  3. jleo71 says

    Hey, CrissCross,

    “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”
    ― James Bovard, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty

  4. Kev C says

    If Chris Christie hates gays so much, why would he want to governor of liberal, eastern state in the first place? Is he addicted to power as much as he is addicted to food?

  5. Fern says

    Christie’s vetoes –
    • pig gestation crate
    • Same sex marriage
    • Radioactive fracking waste ban
    • Assault riffle ban
    • The Good Samaritan bill (which he finally signed as a result of public pressure)
    • Equal pay legislation
    • Hike in the minimum wage
    • Many others

  6. says

    Christie is not suggesting people vote on other people’s civil rights because he thinks it is the right thing to do, instead he said this because it lets him dodge responsibility – in some people’s view – for interfering with the rights of a minority.

    It is simply the politically expedient thing for him, if he cared about justice he would not be a Republican.

    He has chosen to be the enemy of gay people, so be it.

  7. says

    Christie’s handlers are fools for not seeing marriage equality as a great starting issue to do himself, the GOP and the country a ton of good.

    He started with putting marriage equality up for a public vote when polling showed that it would not pass. Now that the public favors marriage equality he still asks for a vote so that he can claim to the fundamentalists that he fought it as long as he could. It’s XX Century politics where he thinks a Republican with national aspirations has to pander to the hard core fundamentalists on social issues.

    Good political advisers would show him otherwise. In XXI Century politics the majority of people favor equality and the numbers grow with every poll. Millennials favor marriage equality over 3 to 1, moderate Republicans favor marriage equality, Independents favor marriage equality 2 to 1. That small core base of fundamentalists that have strangled the GOP for decades is dying off and shrinking. Fear of Tea Party backlash is ridiculous. Their appeal is in small isolated segments of the country. Where are they going to go? They’re powerless as a block by themselves and have the voice they do now only because the GOP continued to cater to them even as their demands became more outlandish. The GOP is now at implosion status due to that catering. If the GOP is to survive they have to stand up to their Party fanatics. Christie could use backing marriage equality to emerge as the nationally recognized Republican with appeal to moderate Republicans and fiscally conservative Independents with a voice strong enough to say ‘enough is enough’ to Koch and the TPers.

  8. says

    BS. As Stephen Rider says, his “position” is purely political and is designed to let him coast through and, when marriage equality comes to NJ, say, I tried my best, not my fault! CUs are a violation of the NJ Supreme Court decision in a post-DOMA world and he knows it. A people’s vote on civil rights would be not only offensive but a huge waste of $.

  9. Joe says

    I wonder what his Lesbian Sister thinks of her Brother… That said, he is pandering all the way to the White House. The GOP told him to drop the weight (Belly Band) The Gop guides him along so he can roll himself over to the White House… Looks like the Bully himself is being bullied. I really dislike this character not only for who he is but for the way he represents my State. I will go to the polls and I will vote against him, not a fan of Buono but just to push this Phat Phuck out will make me sleep easier at night

  10. says

    What’s most disgusting about Chris Christie is that I don’t think he truly cares. He’s just making himself more palatable to the Tea Baggers so they’ll vote for him.

    Whatever happened to personal convictions instead of political convenience?

  11. JohnAGJ says

    At this point if we don’t win in the courts I’d be inclined to agree with him. Yeah he’s looking for political cover but I care more about expanding marriage equality than getting bogged down over that. He’s clearly going to win reelection and the votes are not there for an override of his veto, so if lawsuits fail put it on the ballot. I’d prefer not to but I’m also a realist and confident that we can win. The more states like NJ that enact marriage equality the closer that day comes when folks in red states like mine will see the same. I’d rather win on this than lose on principle.

  12. says

    You have to love hypocrites that want things they don’t like to be voted upon, but you know they would scream to high heaven if you put it up to a vote whether straight people should be allowed to marry. Life is not a popularity contest; what people should be allowed to do shouldn’t be decided by mob rule.

  13. Sean says

    It cannot go on the ballot because there is NO referendum process in NJ. But that illiterate waste of space wouldn’t know anything about what the laws of NJ actually are. Nothing else in NJ is put on the ballot. The anti-blullying law was not put on the ballot. The ban on “ex-gay” brainwashing was not put on the ballot. The medical marijuana bill was not put on the ballot. The funding for private and charter schools where the majority of NJ residents can’t afford to send their kids to was not but on the ballot. Not that I would allow my life to be subjected to a popular vote like we were high school kids voting for cutest couple.

  14. walter says

    the legislature and the courts have gov fat ass that marriage equality should be the law but he keeps stalling to impress the tea baggers . he didn’t even have the balls to be on the ballot at the same time as cory booker so the citizens of new jersey have to pay for 2 elections . real fiscal conservative

  15. Wavin' Dave says

    My Brooklyn grandma would take me down to NY harbor, point past the Statue of Liberty, and whisper in my ear, “Be very careful, Dave. The DEVIL lives in Jersey.” And, as usual, she was right.
    Jersey gets the government and governor that Jersey deserves.

  16. sword says

    So Christie believes that all laws offered in NJ should be be confirmed by the voters. Great…then they can fire both the Legislature and the Governor! No need to waste taxpayers’ money.

  17. Jim says

    I don’t like putting fundamental equality issues to a vote, but polls clearly indicate that marriage equality would win by a landslide in New Jersey. Let’s call Mr. Christie’s bluff. Let’s put the issue on a ballot and vote and win and make Christie rue the day he ever suggested it to begin with. A winning vote for marriage equality would torpedo any possibility that Christie would have a future in national Republican politics. Since he opposes gay marriage solely for whatever political benefit he thinks he can squeeze out of opposing it, let’s mess up his plans and beat him at his own political game. Let’s teach him a lesson that he’ll never forget.

  18. Kev C says

    That’s a good idea Jim. It would also show the absurdity of voting on human or civil rights. Although I don’t know if Mr Christie can be shamed. He appears to be immune to shame. Put gay marriage up to a popular vote.

  19. says

    If put to a vote marriage equality would win in NJ, and Christie couldn’t care less.

    But civil rights votes are always ugly, and in this instance completely unnecessary since the NJ case in favor of marriage is a no-brainer. There is no way post-DOMA the Court will find CUs in compliance with the 2006 NJ SC ruling, none. Instead of giving the fat man what he wants, he should be called out for this political charade and for wasting big money on an absolutely pointless court appeal or referendum–popularity contests don’t trump the Constitution.

  20. Just Do It says

    The Supreme Court of New Jersey has already delivered the verdict on the issue. In the Lewis case in 2006. It’s not a question for the people. It’s out of their hands and shouldn’t be there in the first place.

  21. Mary says

    As a Republican I won’t deny that Christie is suggesting this largely to get himself off the hook with the Republican base. This way he can say that the people voted for change and that there was nothing more he could do about it. But why is everyone here so down? This is GOOD news. New Jersey is a blue state and SSM is almost certain to get approved.

    About the “my rights shouldn’t be up for a vote” claim, I understand your feelings, but that’s just what we’re debating – whether SSM is to be viewed as a right. As of now this hasn’t been established nationally. Sorry, but I’m sticking to my claim that you should go with state legislatures and state referenda. The tide is going your way. The more states approve SSM by public vote, the more legitimacy it has in the eyes of those who are still undecided on the issue. If state Supreme Courts impose SSM you will get more blather about “unelected judges” deciding the issue.

    Legitimacy is important. Not everyone supports gay rights yet and there is still a way to go before it makes (political) sense to talk about it as if support for it is the only respectable position.

    Change is happening at such a rapid pace that there is no need to worry it will take decades to see SSM legal in all 50 states. Even large numbers of young evangelicals now support the freedom to marry.

  22. says

    @Mary, since when are Constitutions illegitimate or less legitimate than the whims of a perpetually misinformed electorate? It’s odd that, as an American, you would have such disdain for constitutional principles.

  23. FFS says

    You’ve got to be really effed in the head to know full well that you’re standing in the way of equality and yet you’re willing to do it anyway because that’s what your political party demands of you.

    Craven scum-sucker.

  24. Nelson says

    Sometimes, he throws political acting aside and does the right thing. So I am appalled that he thinks basic human rights ought to be a on a ballot when there are still people who believe that being gay is some sort of chosen perversion, rather than an affectional orientation that is simply part of nature. When the mass of Aerican Bubbas in the electorate is allowed to vote on the rights of others, it rarely goes a good way.

  25. jamal49 says

    @MARY, civil marriage is a civil right. It is a civil contract between two consenting adults. To deny marriage equality to two consenting men or two consenting women is a violation of their (and my) constitutional rights as a citizen of this country. This is NOT something that even NEEDS to be debated.

    While I think it is just precious that you, a Republican, will troll on over here to TW to express your “enlightened” Republican conservatism, I am going to tell you this: I am tired of people telling me that my rights are ballot-worthy to be decided by faceless people who may be influenced by ignorant prejudices that have nothing to do with my humanity or my place as a participant in civil society. I am VERY tired of people such as your “enlightened” self telling LGBTQ people to wait a little longer, or leave it to states’ legislatures or states’ courts.

  26. John says

    Since my husband and I were united in a Civil Union in NJ, which would have been “upgraded” to a marriage if not for Christie’s veto, and our CU was not recognized outside of NJ (unlike marriages in NY, MA, etc.), we chose to be married in another state. I’ll send the bill for our airfare, hotel, officiant, license, and celebrations to the NJ treasurer.

  27. Jerry6 says

    For centuries, there has been told a story of the injustice that happens when a crowd is allowed to determine the fate of someone. If I remember correctly, a guy named Jesus was hung on a wooden cross to die because he objected to the way the Romans were treating the Jews. Let the People decide? What a crock of sh%t.

  28. Jerry6 says

    Any political matter that in any way relates to any Religious matter, practice, or belief should never be put up to a vote. Religion, which is another name for Bigotry, should not be involved in any legislation related to Civil Rights.

  29. JPG says

    I wish these “wrong side of history” people would be transported way back in time — like WWII, when they could see what the wrong side of history really meant.

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