Romanian Gay Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Becomes Country’s First Televised Same-Sex Marriage

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On a recent episode of a Romanian reality game show, a gay couple's wedding not only won the ceremony competition, but also became the very first televised broadcast of a gay wedding in Romania's history.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 5.46.43 PMDaniel and Mihai, who have been together for 14 years, decided to share their Bucharest wedding with viewers as a statement because of Romania's laws prohibiting gay weddings or civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

Billed as a lifestyle reality game show, Four Weddings and a Challenge involves four brides/grooms attending each other's weddings and rating them on dress, venue, food and overall experience. Not only did Daniel and Mihai win the luxury honeymoon grand prize, the episode became the most watched TV production on that Thursday's evening prime time slot.

You can check out footage of the ceremony here. (note: a majority of the text and audio is in Romanian).


  1. Windswept says

    How very civilised of them…..

    This is the country that has just passed a law to slaughter ALL stray dogs in the country, and I do mean slaughter… no neuter program, no rehabilitation and rehoming, just abject, throat slitting, slaughter….

    Backwards bastards.

  2. Ionescu Virgil says

    There is no slaughter in Romania, just an identical law with any other EU law. Similar to Bruxelles for example, but there is alot manipulation and lies on this subject and all coming from EU enemies or from those that get millions of euros for dog hotels.
    any of you is free to check and see that there is no slaughter and the law is an EU law.
    Many dogs are living on streets and they must be taken in shelters. After few week , if a dog is not adopted, will be euthanised. Thats all. The same story like in Bruxelles, Paris, Berlin etc.
    All this mad people is not informed or they have huge interess in taking money from the budget and so on. If you ask them, they will tell you that the dogs should be left on streets. Its a lot hypocrisy and money fraud on this subject.
    They spend millions and dogs still live on streets, while the budget is poor and there is no money for children, hospitals and schools.
    A 4 y old boy was killed by these dogs, recently, and the killer dogs were adopted , taken then out -on and on- back on the streets by these fake dog protectors, that are manifestating today on streets.
    Living for years on streets, fed by these fake dog lovers, they became agressive, got their territory and became agressive. Everytime someone tried to stop this crime, the fraud people came and put pressure/international pressure on these week politician/or corrupt and took the dogs out on streets, again and again (a ”procedure” to take money for dogs and funds from abroad for taking care by the dogs. They got expensive cars, big salaries and gave jobs for their friends and their relatives and spend the money mostly for their own life.
    They are criminals, but everytime someone tried to acuse them, they went abroad and made a huge scandal, acusing the Romanian state that is persecuting them and the animals.
    It is just a normal EU law for dogs, that Romania is trying to make it function, especially now , when the situation got too far, beyond the any limit. Madness.
    These frauds want to let dogs to live near my house and the dogs attacks even my car and i need to go out everyday like im going in war, armed, ready to have a heavy fight, protecting my kids and wife. The dogs and their protectors are both agressiveand call me a monster, a criminal.
    Few days ago me and other 10(ten) men had a battle on street in out effort to ”defeat” a bullterrier stray dog that attacked a boy and a girl.
    We, the majority of the Romanian People,are civilised and peaceful, not cruel and any other bad. Personally i love this animal and im sad for its faith, but we cant get this sht anymore. We are not bad, careless or not civilised. At contrary, we are too soft and nice and everybody got a habitude to destroy our life.
    Why dont you better manifestate in Germany for the little kid that was killed by dogs -protected by organisations- and your states help us to eliminate this sick situation? At contrary, you chose the senzational in papers and the manipulation and the fraud.

  3. Windswept says

    Ionescu Virgil, You are a Liar ! If you are from Romania, you are either a liar or you know nothing of your own laws !

    This is NOT an EU Law, this is one of your own devising, The EU forbids the slaughter of dogs, unless they are sick, where as you romanians have let your law makers pass a new law that allows these men to slaughter any stray dog found on the street, right there, right then, no shelter, no care, no humane treatment or compassion…

    Want proof of the story ?

    BBC News : Romania campaign to kill stray dogs after boy’s death –

    Life with Dogs (Major dog news blog)

    Action Aid For Dogs:

    So, Ionescu Virgil, You liar, any reply to that ?

    I’d rather see you lot thrown back out of the EU, you are sick bastards, I am glad that you will never achieve full membership.

  4. Ionescu Virgil says


    You have guts to lie like that, when even you provide facts and links that prove my words.
    Its ridicolous as time you ask the EU to stop and forbid the euthanasia for dogs.
    I repeat: the Romanian law is telling about euthanasia only if a dog is not adopted in 14 working days (so, more than 14).
    This is similar to any other european law (in other countries from EU the dogs are euthanised after 7 days, if they arent adopted, no matter if they are healthy, puppies etc.
    You are a pathetic lier and know nothing about laws.
    Whos going to believe you as time your words are just empty and full of hatred?!
    I leave and let you to read the laws and , please, post them after you finish, if you are honest.
    …But you wont do it, cuz you r just a lier and hatefull person.
    Thanks God that you are a minority. A very small one.

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