Russian Journalist Announces Campaign to Out Closeted Anti-gay Lawmakers in Russia

On the eve of a proposed Russian bill that would take children away from gay parents, journalist Elena Kostyuchenko (pictured) has announced a campaign to out any closeted Russian lawmakers who vote for the bill's passage.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement:

Elena KostyuchenkoOffering her email address, Kostyuchenko [who writes for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta] asked for "information, correspondence, photographs…about the deputies of the State Duma concerning LGBT" activities. […]

Kostyuchenko calls her campaign promising to out any LGBT lawmakers who votes for Zhuravlev's bill a "nuclear bomb" that should be used only as an "extreme measure." But, she says, "Now, it seems such a time has come."

"Kostyuchenko noted that 'in the event of the passage of the law to remove children after the first reading, the information about homosexual deputies of the State Duma will be published,'" a slightly modified translation of a report at Gay Russia notes:

"In this case, the activist added that "immunity from outing will have only the MPs who voted against the law to remove children. Others will be disclosed. This is a warning. They want to destroy our lives, and we will destroy them."

Kostyuchenko is no stranger to confronting Russia's anti-gay regime head-on, having been forcibly detained by state police earlier this year for rallying at a gay pride parade in Moscow.

[Image via Facebook]