Scotland Hastening The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

Scottish Gay Couple

It's not just in the United States that marriage equality is making leaps and bounds, it's taking off on the international stage as well with Mexico, Great Britain, and New Zealand all legalizing gay marriage in the past year. Scotland, having been accused of letting their own equality legislation slip behind schedule, have now decided to fast-track the legalization of gay marriage

The Catholic church has, naturally, expressed their distaste, with spokesman John Deighan saying, 

You can only see this as undue haste. It looks like a bandwagon that no-one has been minded to take in the right direction. They ought to remember that if you make law in haste you do not get the best legislation.

Despite the finger-wagging, consideration of the bill to legalize gay marriage will begin next Thursday with two sessions representing each side of the issue. The first will have members from Stonewall Scotland, LGBT Youth Scotland, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), the Equality Network, and the Scottish Transgender Alliance. The second, the Muslim Council of Scotland, the Methodist Church in Britain, Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office, and the Evangelical Alliance Scotland.

Though dissenters are being allowed their voice, it would seem they are in the minority. A Scottish Government spokesman said,

The Bill is proceeding on schedule with wide cross-party support. The Scottish Government is committed to a Scotland that is fair and equal and that is why we believe same-sex couples who wish should be allowed to marry as soon as possible.

If the bill is approved, it is projected to have Royal Assent for legislation by March.


  1. Jay says

    Nice to see progress being made around the Globe. Scotland is a very special place and same sex weddings will only add to that tradition.

  2. UFFDA says

    Now do we get to know what’s under their kilts? Scotsmen are cool. I went into a bar in Edinburgh once where all the men wore kilts with tweed jackets and high wollen socks and decided I’d better get out before I did something embarrassing.

  3. UFFDA says

    Now do we get to know what’s under their kilts? Scotsmen are cool. I went into a bar in Edinburgh once where all the men wore kilts with tweed jackets and high wollen socks and decided I’d better get out before I did something embarrassing.

  4. jamal49 says

    Don’t worry, Mr. Deighan, the bandwagon’s in good hands. We know where we’re going.

    Please, TW, mention Uruguay next time. They also achieved marriage equality this year (as well as legalising marijuana use).

  5. Craig Nelson says

    Sporans aside I think passage of the law in March 14 is hardly what I would term ‘rushing’, ‘unseemly haste’ or ‘fast tracking’ – if this is fast tracking I’d love to see what slow tracking would look like.

    The legislation has a significant majority in the Parliament and is supported by all party leaders in the Parliament.

    We are now on the third round of public consultation.

    I am not sure how it can be stretched out until March 14 so talk of fast tracking is simply wide of the mark.

    Any ways at least the law is being proposed, has the support of the government, has a timetable and is on track and whole of GB will have marriage equality by the end of 2014.

  6. EB says

    They’ve been trying to defend those skirts for centuries. It’s said they wear nothing under them but the “Scottish Curse”

  7. Pat says

    Mmmh NO, Mexico did not legalize same-sex marriage yet. It’s only being done state by state.
    On the other hand, France and Uruguay legalized it nationwide this year…

  8. Merv says

    Let’s see, if it gets royal assent in March 2014, then if it’s like England and Wales, weddings can take place in March 2015. Why the hell is marriage legislation so painfully slow in the UK? No other country has had these insanely long waits just to enact and put into effect legislation when there is no issue getting enough votes. I know somebody will make an excuse about it taking time to change regulations, but really there is no excuse. Other jurisdiction have had to change regulations and they did it much much more quickly.

  9. Greg says

    Eric, thank you for pointing that out. It really annoys me that Towleroad keep making the same basic mistake when referring to Scotland and the rest of Great Britain.

  10. ratbastard says

    Can someone please explain to me why Northern Ireland is listed separately from ‘Great Britain’? The nation’s official title is the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND northern Ireland.

    *Great Britain being England,Scotland and Wales, but not Northern Ireland?

  11. ratbastard says

    Inside Great Britain, England and Wales have the same laws, judicial system, and money [Bank of England]. Scotland has it’s own judicial system, laws, and even prints it’s own money through the Bank of Scotland. Scotland and Wales also have their own parliaments / assemblies. The central government for the United Kingdom is in London,i.e. the British parliament and prime minister.

    Northern Ireland has it’s own assembly / parliament, whose head is called a first minister, like a regional prime minister. I don’t know if they are under the same judicial system as England and Wales. I assume they use money from the Bank of England.