Senator John McCain Played Poker on iPhone During Syria Hearing


Senator John McCain was caught by a Washington Post photographer playing poker on his iPhone during hearings over possible military action in Syria.

Buzzfeed's John Passantino tweeted the high-res.

UPDATE: McCain responds: "Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!"


  1. robertL says

    Hey this is Washington D.C. we can do whatever we want. At least it was poker and not playing with another woman. Bravo John Mc Cain you have broken the Congress stereotype.

  2. EB says

    Maybe if more than 100,000 had been gassed in Syria, he might have paid attention. Thank god, or Obama wouldn’t have a chance to salvage his presidency, and influence the Congressional elections.

  3. Piet says

    Maybe the folks in Arizona are so happy they have a “war hero” for a Senator they don’t care that he thinks his job is talking when he should be thinking, and playing games when he should be working. Dunno. But if I heard that my own Senators were doing this, I’d be working to replace them.

  4. gomez says

    senator mccain, the man who would be president, the man who survived prisoner of war camp, is it so much to ask to put away computer games and have your full attention during a meeting where matters of war and its consequences are being discussed, where you have a pivotal role to play? really? too much?

  5. Thomas Cardellino says

    He and 10’s of 1,000’s of his fellow Neo-cons made up their minds decades ago that all war is good for the businesses from which they profit. He doesn’t have to hear mere “evidence” to the contrary to make any changes in what’s left of his mind! It’s Obama that sickens me, and who should know better than to go to war without an international coalition. As if this notoriously and historically feckless Congress has any moral authority to wage war on anyone in this world other than America’s impoverished!

  6. ratbastard says

    He is a trusted lackey of the military-industrial complex Wall St, and mega muti-national corporations, as of course is also President Obama. Both men are in the pockets of the power elite. This is a simple fact.

  7. phil says

    Rob West, we know it’s not photoshopped because McCain confirmed it.

    Honestly, this isn’t the worst. We all knew that the only thing Congress can agree on is bombing another country instead of fixing our own problems. The only surprising thing here is that a man that age knows how to work an iPhone.

  8. L Goethe says

    fear john has heard it ALL long before
    why again
    already finalized with the games politicians play and we pay so little attention!
    WE are the electorate …. well we, minus those, prevented from being so
    why are these people re-elected

  9. Luke says

    You gotta give John McCain some credit.. he has been sounding the alarm about Syria for over a year now, and people are finally listening. I’ll cut him a break this time.

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