1. Tom says

    I’m a 20 year old well adjusted law student with loving friends and family but Britney’s new video is literraly the most exciting thing going on in my life right now.

  2. Butch says

    There are lots of musicians creating genuinely innovative, creative music, and yet Towleroad chooses to focuses on acts like Britney and One Direction, which are nothing more than the creation of marketing departments. I truly don’t get it.

  3. says

  4. adrenan p says

    Britney never seems to embrace the gay male aesthetic in her videos. She tends to embrace the sexist straight guy fantasy by incorporating lots of half-naked women in her videos.

    She’s obviously not very respectful of her gay male fans.

  5. adrenan p says

    You have to wonder if Britney’s people are paying Andy Towle to promote her.. Either that or Andy has become dysfunctional to the point wbere he doesn’t care about selling female nudity to gay men.

  6. Marco says

    I don’t care too much about Britney but if you consciously click on the article and take time out of your I’m sure very busy life, that’s your prerogative. It isn’t Andy’s. If by now you haven’t affected in any way what content Andy chooses to publish, then it’s time to move on to another blog. Or hey, starting your own is always an option.

  7. David From Canada says

    @ADRENAN P. – Britney has ‘issues’ and I suspect her views on life are somewhat limited, period. With her ‘issues’, I believe in giving her a second chance, but she needs to really become more aware of her gay-male fan base and pay homage to them. It would certainly benefit her financially and otherwise.

  8. JMC says

    I mean, Britney *has* amped up the male objectification in her aesthetic recently. I mean, the (Drop Dead) Beautiful backdrop was a page ripped straight out of Kylie’s gay icon handbook.

    I’m also pretty sure Work B*tch is the song she tweeted about making just for her gay fans. It screams drag ball and she was talking about how happy she was her gay choreographer loved it on her promo tour. Maybe there will be another song on the album that’s more obviously for us though.

  9. SIAPHHHHH says

    looks so lame the song sucks and i really don’t get it.

  10. Luke says

    To all of you saying that Britney should do more for her gay fans.. what more can she do? Do you want her to be tacky like Lady Gaga and shamelessly exploit her gay fans? She has spoken out on multiple occasions about her support for gay rights and gay marriage, and I even saw her at the White Party when I was there. She supports the gay community and puts out great music. Not enough for some of you bitter queens I guess.

  11. Luke says

    @SIaphhh, you don’t get it? What’s not to get. She’s saying you need to work for what you want. It’s pop music. Embarrassing? I think she looks hot. Methinks you’re just a hater.

  12. says

    the song grows old really fast, which seems to be the norm (for me, at least) with anything is responsible for. i think others feel the same way since the song is kinda tanking on itunes.

    that said, i actually think this video looks like it could be fun and may “help” the song out a bit. and she looks great.

  13. JDH says

    @Adrenan – Literally the only way you could possibly think what you posted (and posted and posted) is if you just haven’t watched her videos. There is almost always hot male eyecandy in Britney videos, and it’s in overdrive on her tours. For example:

    Onyx Tour:
    Onyx Tour:
    FF Tour backdrop video:

    Not to mention that she featured openly gay Guillermo Diaz in her video for I Wanna Go here:

    Also, JMC is correct in that she has said repeatedly that the song is a club song for “her boyz,” clearly NOT referring to her children. She also offhandedly discussed her gay choreographer. She’s working with the gay William Orbit.

    Like…I have no idea wtf you’re even talking about.

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