1. Matt27 says

    Even though the issue is big, problematic and serious, I need to aknowledge it is very good Britney Spears’ music is somehow useful.
    @Gregory Brown, absolutely, put the trash family into good use.

  2. Moz's says

    the pirates do not consider themselves pirates. They consider themselves the Somali coast guard (since the west destroyed the somali government and replaced it with nothing) driving off illegal dumping by european ships of known toxins and nuclear waste off the coast of somalia. They also go after chinese fishing vessels in their millennial old fishing waters because china is taking away the somali coast’s ability to fish their waters and all without compensation from china

    The somali coast guard is not perfect but the story about the “pirates” is not accurate

    a simple google will reveal the more complicated story from respected western reporters (sadly being ignored)

    the “pirates” off the western coast of africa are taking over oil wells because the oil companiesd are stealing what is not theirs and polluting the waters.

    Africa raped in the past and still to this day

  3. Moz's says


    money desperately needed for medical care for their families who are developing cancers at an alarming rate and multiple birth defects popping up amongst their children due to european toxic and nuke waste being dumped off their coast

    money needed to take care of their families due to the fishing catches shrinking due to china overfishing the area and the toxic waste killing off fish

    it is a complicated situation

    the only way to solve it is not via guns but drag china and euopean waste companies to the world court…without a functioning government and no help from the US to do that…..the “pirates” will have to continue

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