1. JMC says

    Is Mimi Imfurst notoriously funny and controversial? I just thought she was notorious for being one of the worst queens to appear on Drag Race. Her getting dragged on the first episode of All Stars Untucked was incredible television though.

  2. Ryan says

    Generally I’m not a fan of Ballad Parodies, especially when the song has artistic integrity.

    With that being said this came out 3 YEARS AGO?!?!?!

    Why would it be funny now….couldn’t she have picked something more current?


    So much finesse there. I don’t know why some people think that making a loosely list of diseases and insults amounts to funny and talent. There is potential there, but obviously it needs so much direction and advice.

  4. Tristram says

    UGH!!!! So sick of these drag so-called ‘parodies’.

    A real parody should make a comment on the actual singer or song, not just be a free vehicle for self-promoting drag queens to make lazy sexual innuendo-based puns (Willam’s stool-inducing ‘boy is a bottom’ should be the soundtrack to this wearying and embarrassing trend).

    Drag Race alumni take note: if you want to make a name for yourself create an original song, or if you must write a parody find a decent reason to parody (like Charlie Hides)..

    Sermon over.

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