1. Geoff says

    That “sadz” thing Brian Brown does so incredibly well…has been perfected beyond my wildest imaginings – still, I never tire of it. Cannot wait!!!

  2. Icebloo says

    The weak, terrified Democrats in Hawaii have let us down on gay marriage before so let’s wait and see if they have grown any balls before we celebrate.

    Yes I AM a Democrat before anyone suggest I am a GRUB (self hating gay Republican loser). I have been DISGUSTED with the pathetic, weak Democrats in both Hawaii and Illinois on the subject of gay marriage. They are an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

  3. Francis #1 says

    Religion is the big factor, Icebloo, in both states. It’s scary for some of these Democrats to go against fundamentalists and ultimately many cave. Hopefully that doesn’t happen in Hawaii considering the votes were said to be potentially there in January and nothing materialized.

  4. Mary says

    While recent court-ordered SSM victories can help provide momentum, it is always best for the change to come through the legislature so that it has the highest degree of legitimacy.

    I knew some years ago that this would happen nationally. But I’m still astonished at how quickly it’s happening!

    I was just thinking that the same-sex couples in Hawaii who can marry live in the perfect place for a honeymoon! But then they probably like to vacation elsewhere. Alaska would be very different for them. Just don’t run into Sarah Palin!

  5. Kevin says

    I think the DOMA ruling will stiffen the spines of some of them.
    And though we can make fun of the low numbers of Republicans,if only a couple more would step up to the plate,the vote worry wouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Kealoha says

    Small usage note for Mainlanders: Usually you would refer to the Hawaii legislature. The term “Hawaiian” is normally used to refer to the native Hawaiian people, language, and culture. (You can’t become Hawaiian by moving here.) It’s the same with other states: you would say the California legislature and not the Californian legislature. It doesn’t matter that much, but it’s good to be aware of since most style guides don’t cover it.

  7. simon says

    NOM is a total failure since its formation in 2007. Most of the state bans were passed before 2007 and since then 13 states have legalized same sex marriage.

  8. Bob says

    I watched, off and on, at least 2 hrs of testimony by the public. The churches sent buses, with up to 20,000 people in total, in front of the Capital.

    OVER AND OVER — the same religious crap, the same lies about MA and Canada, the same story about the Gays wanting to force your kids to like them.

    They were all indoctrinated with “let the people vote”, which I think is going to be hard for the legislators to ignore, unfair as it is.

    I used to do a lot of business in Hawaii — people forget that most of the voters are conservative, unwordly, Japanese Americans. Hawaiians were not forced into camps in 1942, like West Coast Japanese. Unfortunately, their descendants are willing to discriminate against Gays.

  9. says

    Having sat through many a similar hearing in VT way back when, the public testimony–no matter how many bigots are bussed in–inevitably is a boost for our side because so many of the opponents are so irrational and inarticulate only the most dimwitted legislator would take them seriously. And all but the dimwitted have already made up their minds–the testimony just lets people vent their views before their views become irrelevant.

    Looking for Hawaii to be #15–it’s about time since Hawaii was the first state to come close. The HI Mormons aren’t going to be happy with their boy, Brian, for failing to deliver once again.

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