1. JackFknTwist says

    What a raving hypocrite.
    He is an unreconstructed bigot…..

    Q.” Have you ever read Romans I ?”
    A. Actually, I had some paint I wanted to watch dry.

    What a Christianist partisan bigot…all just self serving blather…’s all about him and what he believes, and what he teaches…..he has no interest whatsoever in the rights of the people to equality.
    Maybe instead of reading about mad letters by an delusional Paul to the Romans, he should read Jefferson and the founding documents of his own country.
    Give the Romans a rest !

  2. TampaZeke says

    Now his story has changed. Yesterday when asked about this during an interview he “CATEGORICALLY” denied the vicious lie that he said those words and also CATEGORICALLY denied that he ever said the God was going to punish America for repealing DADT. I guess he’s since seen the video of BOTH statements and is now taking a different tack; CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION! It’s always the last resort of Chrisitianist bigots when all of their other charlatan methods have been exposed.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “You’re not eligible to serve because we don’t like what you believe, because we don’t ultimately like what your Bible or your God teach.!

    Sounds like a good reason to me!

  4. TomTallis says

    He makes me ashamed to be an American. When grifters like him get nominated to be the second in command of a US state, something is very, very wrong.

  5. johnny says

    The total and complete ignorance of the constitution by many of our supposed “leaders” is always a source of great fascination for me.

  6. Liam says

    EW, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You and the Cooch have guaranteed that the Guv and Lt Guv spots will go back to the Blue this year. (In any other year, McAuliffe would have gotten blown out of the water). Just hope that the really bad taste you’ve left in the mouths of Virginians carries over to Nov. 2014.

  7. Jim says

    They’re sick, they’re perverted, and I respect them. Not even Virginia Tea Party Republicans believe this pack of lies. When the Republican ticket goes down in flames next week, this repulsive clown is going to be tarred and feathered and run out of his party on a rail.

  8. Mike says

    Always thought that the saying that the state is trying to promote is “Virginia is for lovers”, not “Virginia is for LOSERS”. Guess not. “EW” is correct!

  9. says

    Re: REAL

    Why must you go there? “Another Negro?”There is no room for racism in a discussion about bigotry. To condemn bigoted comments, you do not need to be a bigot yourself! I cannot stand the racism that pervades the gay community. It is wrong and it should be stamped out.

  10. Lymis says

    He was almost fine early on and then wobbled way off the rails into a train wreck.

    Yes, he can believe and teach his religious dogma in the context of being a member of his own denomination, and no, that shouldn’t hold him back in politics if he does it right.

    And that means that he needs to draw an extremely bright line between civil law and religious doctrine, and make it clear that when he speaks the religious stuff, he is only applying it to people of his own denomination.

    I have no problem with a Catholic politician who doesn’t use contraception, wouldn’t have an abortion, and upholds the right of the Catholic Church to perform religious marriages for divorced people – as long as, when speaking AS a politician, they make it very clear that those things don’t apply to civil law and the right to the civil aspect of those things is absolute.

    So Catholics can choose not to use the contraception that is available to them and protected by law. Fine. But “I don’t support doing it” is not the same as “I support making it illegal.”

    That’s where this guy is out of line. As soon as he’s speaking LAW, he has the obligation to support equal rights, equal treatment, and non-discrimination. If he can’t do that, he needs to stay out of politics and stay in his pulpit.

  11. Jack M says

    So we can ignore the concept of separation of church and state. And I suppose it’s also OK for white people to say they want black people to be sent back to Africa and still claim they respect them?

  12. Bernie says

    I don’t even know where to start with someone like this…….even though he spouts hatred, he doesn’t even have the back bone to admit it…..that should not bode well for voters and to boot he is supposed to be religious……thou shall not lie……I cannot fathom anyone who would consider voting for someone like this……….

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Another Negro.”

    Posted by: real | Oct 31, 2013 7:21:47 PM

    LOL. But he’s your kind of Negro, REAL( or David Hagatha Hearne). Clarence Thomas, Herman Caine, Allen West, and….that famous pediatric surgeon from John Hopkins (I can’t remember his name)–they’re all Republican Negroes, and they all belong to you.

    @ “And I suppose it’s also OK for white people to say they want black people to be sent back to Africa and still claim they respect them?”

    Well, JACK M, that might be problematic (I hate that word). You see, in the United States there are so many Black people who have blood lines going back to Western Europe, and so many White Americans who have blood lines going back to West Africa. It would be a messy return for many of us…plus the Europeans and the Africans don’t want any of us back.

  14. Tristram says

    I don’t understand how any black person can use the bible as the reason to persecute or ‘make wrong’ homosexuality. White people used the exact same technique to justify negro slavery as a normal human condition.