1. Kev C says

    What a condescending, pandering, liberal fluff piece. Only Obama-worshiping f@ggots could appreciate this. Ironic, considering Obama loves to kill gay people, as I pointed out to you all yesterday on the Eminem article.

  2. Mike says

    What mommy? (What person would claim him anyway . . . ) No, KEV C is only a particularly slimy type of RepubliSCUM BIGGOT that one would find only if they were to lift up a VERY nasty rock!

  3. melburke says

    Last month, several people made comments similar to this one about Lance:

    “Why does the gay press keep reporting on this man who does NOTHING of note?”

    Helping to raise $100k for the Trevor Project is pretty noteworthy in my book.

  4. FFS says

    Can we have marriage equality already?

    Hopefully then, all the gaybies will finally shut the hell up about their precious little crying, puking poop-factories.

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