1. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Is this the 4th — or 5th — news story and photos you’ve had about Rep. Sims in the past few weeks? I don’t know him at all, never met him, etc, but Towleroad sure gives me a lot of coverage.

    Eventually marriage equality will come in PA, the sooner the better. If it’s sooner, it’s going to be by court order, not legislation. There is ZERO chance that the Republican controlled state legislature and Republican governor are going to let this happen while they are in control. So right now, this bill is just grand-standing. Nice photos.

    On the other hand, someone had to introduce a bill on this issue at some point. So OK, now it’s been done.

  2. Dan says

    There’s something tacky about every story about Brian Sims including references to how stunning and gorgeous he is, either in the article or the comments. Maybe one day we can stop being over-sexed freaks and appreciate a person for their accomplishments, not their sex appeal.

  3. Gabe says

    Thank you, Dan. However, after seeing Brian Sim’s avid support of a log cabin republican (who is obviously filled with self hate), I lost the crush.

  4. RussTX says

    Dan, you get a 3-point penalty for overreaction. As of this moment, there is no comment on Brian’s looks in the article, and in the comments a grand total of one (1) brief remark that he is “beautiful, inside and outside.” And you think that is oversexed? Feeling a wee bit jealous?

  5. Dan says

    How can they disrespect the “LOVE” logo? Love has nothing to do with it. It’s a brain chemical reaction that wears off. That’s when the real challenge of marriage begins.

  6. Mike says

    Sadly, I’m not so hopeful for PA. While in the Northeast, it’s not as progressive as many of its neighbors.

    Much of the middle of the state is more like the Midwest. Nascar, guns, etc. And Philadelphia has a large population of uneducated, ignorant voters.

  7. Dback says

    I’ll comment on Sim’s looks, since everyone knows he’s a helluvva legislator: if he created some sort of shirtless calendar, he could earn enough money to finance his re-election in a heartbeat.

  8. Scott says

    I first remember reading about Sims when he came out as gay while he was co-captain of his college football team. He said that it was a very positive experience and went on to do some public speaking around the state at high schools and business events after graduation. He basically wanted everyone to know that gay is okay.

    Now he is continuing his good work in the public sector. What a great guy.

  9. FFS says

    Congratulations on your momentous achievement, Congressman Sims! Let’s celebrate by spending a long, naked weekend together.

    Hang in there, Dan. Fat and ugly works for some guys, believe it or not. You’ll find somebody eventually.

    Here’s a hint: Try to downplay the insufferable bitterness when you go out on first dates. Like your gut, you should let that out gradually.

  10. CAnaive says

    Having the prospect of major success as a future leader requires a certain amount of charisma. Never discount how shallow Americans are in this regard (gay or straight). So, with good looks and nice articulation of the issues, Sims may have a future worth noting. He caught my eye. It’s true, but it wasn’t merely on account of the physical.

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