Prop. 8 Proponents Continue Battle to Try to Hide California Donors

Prop. 8 proponents continue to fight a losing battle over disclosure of campaign donors, one that at this point seems remarkably silly, according to the court, the SF Chronicle reports:

BoppAt a hearing Friday before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, backers of the hotly contested and now-overturned ballot measure, Proposition 8, sought to keep confidential the names of contributors of $100 or more. But members of the three-judge panel quickly pointed out that the identities of Prop. 8's donors have already been released by court order.

"They've got all this information on the Internet. You want us to ignore it?" asked Judge Milan Smith.

"How can this court redress the grievance that you have?" asked Judge Sandra Ikuta.

By ordering the state to remove the names from its website and seal its files, and by granting an exemption for future elections, replied James Bopp (pictured), lawyer for Prop. 8's main sponsors, a conservative religious coalition called Protect Marriage. He said the organization expects to take part in additional "campaigns regarding protecting marriage."


  1. Bernie says

    lol…..rolling on the floor laughing…..these are some of the most spineless folks…..if they think their views are so right, why hide the 2 1/2 donors???????????????????????????

  2. TomTallis says

    They’re about to put another initiative on the ballot to repeal the recent legislation that protects transgender school kids. They’ve lost on the gays, so their next target is going to be children.

  3. Bill says

    An example of the “harassment” prop-8 supports experienced might be the dentist of a person I know, who apparently didn’t feel comfortable having some guy, who had tried to prevent him from getting married by donating to the Prop 8 campaign, poking around inside his mouth with sharp instruments. This dentist probably felt put out when he lost some patients.

  4. Dimitri says

    Central Casting? Yes! Get me a scowling middle-aged white guy with big glasses and his hair parted down the middle! I need someone to look like a paranoid disapproving jerk for a good part!

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