1. ratbastard says

    Please explain to me why anyone would think it’s cool to celebrate being a [b-word,censored?], or be attracted to people who are? Seriously, I’ve never understood this, in either a woman and certainly not a man. How is possible I’m a homosexual male and so out of touch with stereotypical gay male ‘lifestyle’?

    And yes, the ‘music’ s*cks a**. Would entertainers like her even exist if it weren’t for some gay males? I wonder.

  2. JMC says

    I mean maybe if the guys were actually hot, didn’t have flat asses and actually knew how to twerk this video wouldn’t be so completely irredeemable. The surprise of Charlie Hides was the only fun part of this, but my amusement was quickly replaced with disgust when Perez Hilton showed up.

    So yes, Trigger Warning: Perez Hilton for all of you who are just as nauseated by the sight, sound or mention of him as I am.

  3. Kevin says

    Only one of those dancers seemed to know how to twerk–or had anything to twerk with (the littlest one with the PARAGUAY tattoo).

  4. D.R.H. says

    If anyone needed evidence that gay culture is evolving, don’t watch that. When will drag f*cking die, already? Jesus H. Christ that was embarrassing.

  5. Luke says

    @D.R.H., I don’t think drag is dying.. if anything, it’s bigger than ever, especially with the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of us find drag entertaining! If you don’t like it, don’t watch..

    Personally, I love Sherry Vine. This wasn’t her best because, yes, twerking is getting tired.. but I still enjoyed this.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    Ditto UFFDA. And this may be a plus (parody-wide) that Sherry can’t hit her notes even with auto-tune. It may be a first. Might start a trend. Even.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    “Parody-wise”—my bad. Didn’t twerking start only like 2 weeks ago? Can it already be over? Praise the lord and pass the hamhocks.