1. Jim Ross says

    These are great. Some people just know how to make others laugh, so hanks for making my Thanksgiving even better.

  2. Book says

    Ha! He’s weird, but that was cute.
    I actually never got the handle on ‘Bowie’s Elbow’ until I watched Benedict Cumberbatch execute it flawlessly in Sherlock. Now I call it “The Sherlock” and it’s the only knot I use. So there. Stay warm, y’all.

  3. Tatts says

    The only meaning I ever knew for “scarfing” had nothing to do with scarves. Scarfing is what we did to that turkey yesterday, and the stuffing, and the Waldorf salad, and the squash, and the roasted root vegetables, and the mashed potatoes, and the gravy–ooooh the gravy, and mulled cider, and the pumpkin pie.