Bronx Teen Files Suit Against Catholic School, Says She Was Expelled For Being Gay


A renowned Bronx Catholic high school is under fire after expelling a student in what is being alleged as a targeted campaign against the student because of her sexual orientation. Amanda Acevedo, 17, claims in a lawsuit that a homophobic administrator at Preston HS in Throggs Neck began singling her out two years ago and was behind her expulsion back in September. The New York Post reports:

PrestonDean Joseph De Bona began targeting Amanda when she came to her sophomore-year dance with a girl on her arm, the suit says.

Although she had permission to bring the date, Amanda says, De Bona pulled them aside at the end of the event, separated them and grilled Amanda, asking how they met, where the girl went to school, whether the two were "more than just friends" and warning against "any funny business."

John Acevedo [Amanda's father] says the inquiries were inappropriate.

"They're alone in the room talking about her sexuality? Saying, 'Let's keep this between us because we don't want any funny business'? There's nothing funny about it," the dad told The Post.

Then, in September of this year, Amanda got into a fight with a girl in the locker room. The suit alleges that De Bona seized the opportunity to get rid of her by lying about the fight and casting Amanda as the instigator.

"[Amanda] was targeted. There was prejudice against her," her dad said.

More than 200 of her classmates signed a petition for her return, and City Councilman James Vacca and state Sen. Jeff Klein wrote letters of support on her behalf.

While a judge issued a temporary order allowing Amanda to return to the school, the administration is fighting to expel Amanda for good and the case is due back in court Nov. 12th.

"It just sucks because the punishment does not fit the crime," Amanda said. "I wish it never happened. I don't want to go through this at all."


  1. Grant says

    Truly does sound so in appropriate on so many levels..
    I wonder how often they make a point of questioning attendees of an events the same point..not a teachers but a parents business..
    Good for her for fighting them..they likely assumed she would disappear but i hope she.takes it as far as she.can..individuals like that need to think twice before they make a point of suggesting their way is the.only way.

  2. Michael says

    As Groucho said: Why belong to a country club that doesn’t want you as a member? And, that goes for parents, family and friends. Why support that country club? You do know that when the money disappears, the epiphany will occur.

  3. Moz's says

    sorry Map

    the pope can say a ton of things but till the catechism changes, the official doctrine is anti-gay and anti-women

    BUT the school is going against the catechism since it states that gay people are welcome in the church as long as they are celibate… unless they can prove she is sexually active they are on flimsy ground theologically

    side note…..pretty girl

  4. Ittakesavillage says

    Okay so here is another H.S. catholic HORROR story. A honors student attending her senior year at a catholic H.S. in lower Manhattan was asked to withdraw or get expelled because she posted the word “Bitches” on her Instagram making a reference towards another senior who has threatened her physical harm via Facebook and in the school’s environs. The punishment the Bully received was a mere couple of days of suspension. When the bully returned to school she continued to taunt the other student via Facebook and in school. The president and principal of the school informed the victim that she would not be expelled. Two days later they had a conference with the victim and her parent and stated the victims only options were withdrawal or expulsion. Its believed that the school provided these options because the mother is a strong advocate for her child and they prefer not to deal with such a strong advocate. The catholic HS and apparently the Archdiocese would prefer to sweep this under the rug and make it go away. It should be noted that last year another student brought pepper spray to school and discharged it in class. This student remained in school and will be graduating!! The parent of the victim is a single parent has spent almost $30,000 on time school tuition. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!! This story will also be in the media!! The catholic schools are going way beyond their concepts of academics almost thinking that they are God!!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!

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