Chinese Theater Mistakenly Uses Homoerotic, Fan-Made ‘Thor’ Poster as Ad for the New Film


A Shanghai cinema learned a lesson in using internet images as official theater advertisement when it accidentally assumed this gay, slash fiction image was an authentic Thor: The Dark World poster.

As The Atlantic Wire puts it, "This is where we chime in with a joke about Asgard, right?"


  1. says

    So… if this was a legitimate screening of THOR, wouldn’t the studio have provided them with promotional material, posters included? Why would they need to create their own posters from images culled from the internet?

  2. David From Canada says

    Since Loki is bisexual, this kind of makes sense. Wouldn’t you cuddle up to big, beautiful Thor?
    After all, they gods, so they can have a brother on brother thing.

  3. Book says

    That’s been my desktop for weeks! HAAA. Gotta love China. Actually, that’s the movie I”m hoping to see.

    There’s another Asian country (forgot which) which ran previews for BBC’s Sherlock that made it look like a slash pairing, that actually alluded to their love, etc. They outright said that. Again, that’s a show I would watch.

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