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Conservative Coalition: Repeal of California Transgender Student Rights Law Will Qualify for Ballot

An anti-LGBT coalition says it has collected enough signatures for a ballot measure that would repeal a new California law protecting transgender students, the AP reports:

SchubertA coalition of conservative groups called Privacy for all Students submitted 620,000 signatures to get the initiative on the November 2014 ballot, said Frank Schubert (pictured), the political strategist handling the signature gathering effort.

To qualify, at least 505,000 valid signatures must be submitted. To verify the signatures, each of California's 58 counties will first check that the overall count is correct, then conduct a random sampling to make sure they are legitimate. After that, it is likely the state would order a full review.

Said Gina Gleason of the group Faith and Public Policy: "Many people said we had no chance to collect over half a million signatures in just 90 days, but we have proven them wrong by gathering over 115,000 more signatures than the minimum needed."

Governor Jerry Brown signed the protections into law in August 2012. They require public schools to allow those students access to whichever restroom and locker room they want.

California Republicans approved a resolution supporting the law's repeal in October 2012.

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  1. Must be nice to have nothing better to do than attack transgender kids.

    Posted by: David | Nov 11, 2013 12:50:20 PM

  2. Nice guys.

    Posted by: Rowan | Nov 11, 2013 12:50:43 PM

  3. That man's raging case of gayface never ceases to make my green eyes roll.

    What an ugly example of humanity.
    Hey! thousands are dead in the Philippines. I have an idea! Let's get together and collect signatures to make sure life is harder for transgendered youth!


    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Nov 11, 2013 12:51:06 PM

  4. I guess that's what they must mean when they say, 'The devil makes work for idle hands'.

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Nov 11, 2013 12:58:47 PM

  5. any rational person in California could have told you it was going to qualify..These people were everywhere...even in gayborhoods... LGBT oriented media and groups like EQCA laughed them off as a fringe group with no chance of qualifying for the ballot... it was 2008 all over again. When are the groups that take our money going to get serious and start paying attention?

    Posted by: Dana | Nov 11, 2013 1:01:46 PM

  6. This calls for a massive response from the public. Since men using the ladies room would be subject to criminal prosecution for the imaginations of sexual predation, I call on the women of California to use the mens rooms whenever in a public building or commercial building.

    While supposedly it's the females who are put at risk by unisex bathrooms, it always seems to be men behind the effort to stop it. So ladies, step up and use the mens room. You have wanted to claim our last but of private space for some time now, and here's a cause that's just.

    Posted by: Endoritos | Nov 11, 2013 1:17:46 PM

  7. By the way. This wouldn't be the first time women invaded the mens room. I have read that it was fairly commonplace at sports arenas before they started forcing them to have adequate ladies rooms.

    Posted by: Endoritos | Nov 11, 2013 1:18:44 PM

  8. Is it any wonder the GOP and their right wing hate-filled extremist associates are so unloved in this country? Nah, I didn't think so.

    Posted by: HadenoughBS | Nov 11, 2013 1:24:14 PM

  9. The real scandal is how much money they had to spent to get these signatures.

    If they were really interested in Privacy For All Students, they would get rid of open lockerrooms with gang showers and provide private dressing rooms with a shower for every student!

    Religious hypocrites!

    Posted by: Howard | Nov 11, 2013 1:31:51 PM

  10. Oh no ... thinking back on the horrid commercials the lying liars ran about children and schools when Prop 8 was on the ballot.

    Posted by: Rexford | Nov 11, 2013 1:44:32 PM

  11. @Dana, you are absolutely correct... once again churches were lying to their congregations telling them this would encourage child rape, etc. It's just ridiculous that once again these so called non-profits are using their tax exempt funds for political purposes. If they want to engage in propaganda fine, but I shouldn't have to subsidize it with my tax dollars. Expect the airwaves to be once again blanketed with false scary ads about how we must "protect the children". The real question is whether the California electorate will be gullible to fall for it again after the Prop 8 fiasco.

    Posted by: Gerry | Nov 11, 2013 1:52:18 PM

  12. This is awesome. Vile, antigay homophobes vs. vile antigay trans activists. Let them wage war on each other. It really is a shame that they both can't lose.

    As for me, I live in San Jose, so I will have to decide which nasty group gets my vote. I think that, as much as I despise Frank Schubert, I will vote yes. Trans activists spread the word that "transfolk" should vote no on marriage equality last year. Thankfully, they failed in their effort to hurt gay and lesbian families. Now here's an opportunity for some sweet pay back.

    Posted by: John P. | Nov 11, 2013 1:58:11 PM

  13. @John, I have heard about this claim that trans activists fought marriage equality. Do you have any links or evidence or anything? I mean, like, beyond tumblr wailing. Real evidence that this was an actual push by a notable number of people.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Nov 11, 2013 2:13:08 PM

  14. I hope this doesn't have enough valid signatures. The commercials and the hate, the lies and the bile that they will belch forth from their bellies...the viciousness against trans youths...These are evil people, if anyone is evil. How much more human suffering must they unleash before they wither inside from so much anger and hate? The campaign against these hate groups must start now. They must be exposed for what they are.

    Posted by: john patrick | Nov 11, 2013 2:14:30 PM

  15. California ballot propositions--misinformed majority vs. minority--are just evil and nasty: prepare for the anti-trans lies and propaganda to be flowing out of the ignorant with cash flow from the usual suspects flowing right behind it.

    Those who spend their lives fighting against protections that will have no effect on them must have so little happiness in their own lives that they think they'll find satisfaction in keeping others from happiness. They won't, even if they win at the ballot box. (Witness the Prop 8 supporters.)

    Posted by: Ernie | Nov 11, 2013 2:30:28 PM

  16. I don't know how I feel about this issue. There doesn't seem to be much argument in favor of this law. All I see is a lot of name calling against the people who want to repeal it. I don't care about your name calling. It doesn't persuade me of anything. It maybe tells me that you don't have any real arguments.

    Posted by: Benjamin | Nov 11, 2013 2:40:06 PM

  17. I know time flies but didn't this just happen this year, in 2013?

    Posted by: moike | Nov 11, 2013 2:41:56 PM

  18. The problem with this law is that it was drafted by arrogant trans activists and pushed through by the arrogant Tom Ammiano. So it had no reasonable limitations and no specifics on how to implement it. It had no requirements that a student had to meet in order to use the facilities of the opposite sex. Not even a minimum requirement like a note from a parent or a doctor. No requirement to see the school counselor even one time. Heck, you need a doctor's note to be excused from single gym class, but you don't need anything to use the girls lockerroom for the entire year?

    And it provides no guidance to schools on how to implement this. What about "genderqueer" students who think that their gender identity is fluid and can change day to day? What does a school do? Nobody knows because the trans activists and Ammiano didn't want to provide any help, preferring to leave all schools in a state of terror over a lawsuit.

    Scr*w them and scr*w this law. It should be repealed. These folks need to be humbled and taught to show a little respect for the 99% of people who don't live in their bubble of gender activism.

    Posted by: Helene | Nov 11, 2013 2:53:42 PM

  19. @Little Kiwi:

    You have a point. Thousands are dead in the Philippines and here we are debating a niche issue that impacts a sub-sub-sub-sub-set of transgenders. It concerns the bathroom and locker usage of a maybe a 10-20 students in all of CA. So let's all agree that it would be wrong to waste time and money fighting this referendum. Let's help the Phillippines.

    Posted by: Helene | Nov 11, 2013 3:02:01 PM

  20. Name-Changing Anti-Trans Troll - hang yourself. That is all.

    There are young transgendered people whose lives are a daily struggle against ignorant bigots. So take my advice: stop making their lives harder, and if you won't make their lives better, kindly take your wealth of free time and donate to aid the victims in the Philippines.

    Doesn't matter what name you choose to use, "Helene" - the world will be a better place when you're no longer breathing.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Nov 11, 2013 3:05:42 PM

  21. Why are you so violent and angry, Little Kiwi? And why do you prioritize the bathroom and locker usage of 20 Californians over and above the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Filipinos? Is that your racism showing?

    Posted by: Helene | Nov 11, 2013 3:13:22 PM

  22. Bigotry gets so bloody old and tiring ....

    Posted by: MarkBoston | Nov 11, 2013 3:27:10 PM

  23. This is just the ballot measure we've been waiting for. Let's wipe their a**es to the floor and promote against them with all the gusto we should have used fighting Proposition 8. Every lie they spread needs to be addressed and quashed. "She's gonna see my son's penis!" Get over it you homophobe - she is a 'he'' whether you like it or not and appropriate accommodations can be me so that she doesn't see your little boys little wee. Don't sit back, don't let them shove the lies they are about to spread down the throats of the naive - nail their silly a**ses to the wall!

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Nov 11, 2013 3:31:26 PM

  24. mike ryan -

    mmmm, yeah not so much. gay people have plenty of issues on our plate. we are not going on a crusade to change male and female bathrooms in school. and how is it homophobia to want to keep boys away from your daughter when she's in the bathroom? im gonna bet that the heavy lifting needs to be on the trans side since most people are not going to understand why the bathroom setup needs to change all of a sudden and for just a few people. so it is prolly the trans who get nailed to the wall on this one.

    Posted by: cj | Nov 11, 2013 3:40:47 PM

  25. I find it interesting that the cowards who like to come in here and talk about how trans activists were in the streets calling for votes against gay marriage never actually respond with any evidence when asked. It's almost as if they made it up so they have a good strawman to fight against...

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Nov 11, 2013 3:57:43 PM

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