Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Wants to Be Prime Minister, Saw His SNL Spoof: VIDEO


Toronto mayor Rob Ford saw the spoof Saturday Night Live did on him and thought it was "crazy", he tells TMZ

FordHe also has a reality TV show debuting tonight, and wants to be Canadian Prime Minister:

"Ford Nation" will feature Ford and brother Doug Ford, who is himself a member of the 44-member Toronto city council that stripped the mayor of some of his powers. The show will air Mondays at 8 p.m. on the tabloid Sun News Network but there were few details about the format released...

...The firestorm has apparently not dampened Ford's political ambitions. "I take that same approach to politics so if people want to start bringing up personal stuff, that's fine," he told Fox. "And, yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister."

Watch the SNL spoof, AFTER THE JUMP...