1. Mike says

    I do sincerely apologize and this is WAY off subject, however the Towleroad tip line has NOT worked for at LEAST two days. The Maven— short for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, with a capital N in EvolutioN (M.A.V.E.N.) is at the pad in Florida and set to launch TODAY at 1:28 p.m. local time. This is the FIRST spacecraft devoted entirely to studying Mars’ upper atmosphere. I am cognizant that Towleroad is a site that is primarily interested in LGBT issues. But just as we are gay ♂♂,(Yea!) we are much MORE then that! We should be interested in ALL news, gay and otherwise as this topic on SNL illustrates . . .

  2. Critifur says

    Thanks Mike. I wish it were not so cloudy out, so I might see the launch from here.

    On this article’s subject, did he not break some law in Canada? Why has he not been charged with a crime?

  3. RJ S says

    Ted – no, he wasn’t. He was asked point blank whether he smoked crack, and he said no.

    Then, he backed off that firm ‘no’, and changed it to ‘I’m not going to talk about it, because there probably isn’t any evidence of it’.

    Then, it was ‘well I smoke pot once in a while’.

    It took a press conference from the chief of police, here in Toronto, confirming that Rob Ford was in fact on two separate videos smoking out of a crack pipe to get him to finally admit (under the questioning of city council) that he had smoked crack. While on company time.

    And the police reports indicate a lot of racism, homophobia, drinking and driving – and all on company time, and the taxpayer’s dollar.

    No, Ted. He’s been the opposite of honest. And the only time he came public was when a lie would have directly and immediately lost him his job.

  4. RJ S says

    Critifur – in Canada, it’s not illegal to actually smoke a drug. The only crimes we have are criminal possession, and the purchasing of illegal narcotics.

    The problem is, it can be really hard to prove, and there are ways around it. Rob Ford, and his drug selling companion did so by taking advantage of our public property policies. Basically, if you leave your car unlocked, it’s considered public property. If you (hypothetically) were to leave a bundle of cash on the seat, and your car is unlocked, someone could legally open the door, and take that cash. And if they wanted to leave a bag (of garbage, obviously) on the seat afterwards, then he hasn’t necessarily done anything illegal.

    And you haven’t, by legal definitions, purchased anything. All you did was leave some cash in your car, and gosh darn it, someone took that and let a bag (of garbage). And no one will have (overtly) committed a crime.

    It’s very likely that Rob Ford will never be charged. But no one is ever going to forget this – and fewer and fewer are forgiving it.

  5. says

    Haha @Ted, he wasn’t honest about it at all. He denied smoking crack for months, never mind that it was CAPTURED ON FILM, then he said he was too drunk to remember. He’s an anti-gay pig buffoon and a complete embarrassment to Toronto–and should be to the suburban morons who voted for him.

  6. Hue-Man says

    Apparently one of the other crackheads in the crack video has been murdered. His cunnilingus denial was in response to his office staff reports to police. Given his crack use, his coke use, his apparent use of prostitutes, and association with criminals, he should get tested for HIV, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    His alleged drug dealer who was also his occasional car driver has been extortion apparently in trying to retrieve the crack video.

    Ford is supposed to be a garden variety law and order guy, like his conservative pals Harper and Flaherty in the federal government. “Laws are only for the little people.” Raging hatred of gays seems to be the smallest of his misdeeds!

  7. dommyluc says

    Yes,Prime Minister of Upper Dumbfuckistan. But I’m sure if he moved to the states he could get a job on FoxNews. Imagine an early morning coffee klatch with Elizabeth Hasselblecch! Ooh, tingles!!

  8. graphicjack says

    The day this asshat ever became Prime Minister of Canada is the day I would move. I know he has no real chance in hell, but still, that’s scary that he even thinks he should run for PM.

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