1. Mike Ryan says

    Disgusting, totally disgusting. Those who taunted and harassed the transgender student should face jail time for a hate crime – at least three years. Maybe time behind bars in a woman’s prison will result in what is needed in this case – disciplinary action.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    This is gross in a lot of ways, and reflects how far we still have to go on the acceptance of some of the lesser “well known” segments of the LGBT community. That said, I am relieved and gladdened to see that the school administrators are siding with the trans kid, and not just adopting a “punish everyone involved, including the weirdo” tactic like so many other schools seem all too happy to do.

  3. Art says

    You can’t get people like this to stop unless you imprison and/or execute them.

    The Christians book of hate says “do unto others as you would have them do unto me”

    It’s about time we stood up and DID instead of TOOK.

    “Do unto the Christian Facists what they do unto us.” and screw Homeland in_Security!

  4. jimbryant says

    This homophobia wasn’t caused by Christianity. It was caused by women. Women – particularly young girls in high school – tend to be very homophobic towards male homosexuality and anything that suggests male sexual fluidity.

    Note how women expect us to accept the right of women to wear pants but these very same women attack a man who wears dresses. It proves that women are the source of homophobia.

    Women want the right to exploit double standards in order to receive preferential treatment. Blame women, not Christians.

  5. danswon says

    Jesus, what is with the sexism??
    Every poll I’ve ever seen that splits people down into demographic groups show that women are more supportive of gay rights than men. This is just classic school bullying. Anybody who has ever stuck out as different at school has been bullied because of it. Good to see the school seems to be taking the right course of action. I’m thinking if it was somewhere much less progressive than that area it would be a different story, or would not even be reported on.

  6. jimbryant says


    Women who are supportive of male homosexual rights are only supportive if it is segregated. Once male homosexuality enters the mainstream through male bisexuality or through a fluid male dress/appearance – such as “transgenderism” – women get angry. Women see these things as an attack on their privileges.

    Note a very interesting thing about the video: the girls who are attacking the “transgender” boy are wearing pants. The girls are basically saying “only we women have the right to cross-dress”.

    You only have to walk down the street to see how women express this double standard in the way they dress etc.

    It is NOT sexist to call out women on their hypocrisy and double standards, especially if it results in homophobic violence directed towards men. It is factist – ie based on facts.

  7. Thedrdonna says

    @Danswon: There’s a couple of folks here (or one with multiple handles, possibly) who have a very strong pro-man stance, to the point that they’ll say that women are evil and masculinity is the best ever, and they use this to justify all sorts of hideous opinions including misogyny, transphobia, and homophobia when talking about effeminate gays. It’s pretty odious, but the commenting system here is so crappy that there’s not a lot to do besides ignore them or make fun of them.

  8. Bean says

    hMM jimbryant, the more I read your comments, the more I am inclined to agree with you, but you must not generalize.

    Women are given a certain role to play through gender expectation. It’s no wonder that some of them lash out like this.

  9. Bean says

    hMM jimbryant, the more I read your comments, the more I am inclined to agree with you, but you must not generalize.

    Women are given a certain role to play through gender expectation. It’s no wonder that some of them lash out like this.

  10. NYCer says

    The trans student looks to be white or maybe hispanic. All the savage attackers in the background appear to be black. They should add another level to the hate crime charges.

  11. jimbryant says


    Women are not “given” a role. They know what they want and they exploit double standards in order to receive preferential treatment. Liberalism has given them permission to get away with things that men cannot get away with, and they will hold on dearly to this privilege.

    I like women who can rise above this base intinct of women.

  12. Bean says


    You’re behaving like some raving mad polarized tea party ice goon.

    Look at what you’re saying, which is basically the position that you know what all women think and want in our highly political world. I don’t think that’s the case.

    Don’t let your anger blind you.

  13. Sean says

    This experience brought to you by the encouragement of uncivilized anti-LGBT trash such as NOM and the fallaciously named hate cult called “Privacy for All Children” working to demonize and dehumanize transgender children putting their very lives in danger.

  14. ratbastard says

    I`ve worked, lived, etc.,, in very diverse environments….socioeconomically, culturally, racially,gender-wise,etc. Women and girls are brutal. Amazing level of malicious gossiping, back stabbing, jealousy, bullying, drama…all much worse than is typical among males. Anyone who claims males and females are identical in this and other regards is full of you know what.

  15. jimbryant says


    Bingo! You got it in one.

    Unfortunately, there are so many gay men who think women are wonderful and tolerant. They forget one very important thing about women: they can be as fake as the powder and lipstick they put on their faces.

    I’m not saying SOME women can’t be wonderful and tolerant. However, women put conditions on their being wonderful and tolerant. One such condition is that male homosexuality must remain segregated. The other condition is that women must be given privileges, such as the cross-dressing one.

    It’s taken decades but gay men are starting to awaken from the slumber of pro-female political correctness as enforced by feminism. Men who engage in homosexual relations are now realizing that homophobia towards men is, at heart, a form of gender war against men.

    Homophobia towards men is part of a war being conducted against men by women. Any man who strays from the sexuality plantation (by declaring himself bisexual or cross-dressing) is considered by women to be THE ENEMY.

  16. Debs says


    Actually, I think the point that some people make is that trans activists are the misogynists and homophobes. It is a typical tactic of trans activists to try to pretend that they are not the problem. No one here has any problem with women. People have a problem with trans activists liars and thugs. Like you.

  17. Francis #1 says

    Well, looks like the trolls have come to this story to…troll.

    In any case, my heart goes out to the girl attacked and I’m glad the school supports her. Hopefully she’s receiving the best care possible to help her recover emotionally from the harassment.

  18. tamara says

    FRANCIS #1,

    according to the news report it was a biological male who attacked a girl. so hopefully ur heart goes out to the actual girl who was hit. otherwise that would make you kind of a sexist douc*bag.

  19. Carlos says

    In my own experience with any kind of bullies regardless of gender, the moment you turn the tables, and serve it back to them, it takes all of half a second for the bullies to be victims.

  20. Stephen says

    When a student goes to an adult in authority for help, and the word BULLY is used, these adults should walk on water, across broken glass and fire to make sure these students are safe. Bullying is not taken seriously enough in most schools. If it were my child, I gaurantee you there would be action.

  21. JMC says

    It’s actually amazing how the school seems to have taken this girl’s side even though she initiated the initial contact. Usually when bullying victims stand up for themselves they’re the only ones who are disciplined.

  22. Endorado says

    It’s interesting that the news and the people here are giving the t-gurl a pass given that she started the physical.

    That being said, when exactly are we going to stop putting up with this cancerous ghetto culture? How many TV shows have we had on televisions from comedies to dramas and ALL OF THEM ignore the fact that in schools where blacks are present in large numbers, student safety and education takes a dive. Unfortunately, in Hercules you also have Samoan, Tongan, and various other savage populations.

  23. Kevin says

    I’m a bit disgusted by the racism in the comments for this story.

    That being said, my heart is lifted and I am filled with hope to see what appears to be a very competent and pro-LGBT school administration. We can’t change or prevent every bit of discrimination over night, but if we at least have the school administration on our side, we’ve taken a big step.

  24. Endorado says

    Kevin – Be sad all you want but if you make a comment like that you should be prepared to point out exactly what was said that is not true. Burying your head in the sand is not going to change anything. Our coastal schools are failing because they are unsafe, noisy, and undisciplined places where teachers and admin are afraid of being accused of racism if they enforce behavior standards that these students are clearly not learning at home.

  25. TheDrDonna says

    @Endorado: actually, if you visit the NAEP ( and check things out, you’ll find that the divider isn’t coastal vs inland, or red vs blue, it’s mostly north vs south. I wouldn’t pretend to know what the cause is, and in any event thee are probably myriad causes that contribute to it, but one can hardly claim that “coastal” states have the worst scores when MA, VT, NJ, NH, WA, and CT are all in the top ten best states for math in the 8th grade. (AR, OK, TN, NE, and NM are in the bottom ten, as well.)

  26. says

    Kudos to her for laying the smack down, and I’m encouraged that the school is not taking the bullies’ side.

    Ignore Jim/Rick – he’s just upset that he can’t be a woman because he lusts exclusively after straight men. maybe in your next life, sugarpie.

  27. Endorado says

    Donna, I referred to the coastal states because that’s where 39% of the population lives on 10% of the country’s area. As usual, you try to deflect from the problem. First you switch from crime and discipline to test scores and then declare that you don’t know what the problem is. Well if you don’t know what the problem is, then you aren’t paying attention. Of course you can make school systems look good if you use statewide averages; and let’s not forget the numerous times school systems have been caught funnying the numbers.

    Howbeit, if you consider as I did, the coastal schools, those in coastal cities you will see example after example of failing schools with high crime rates despite the highest per pupil expenditures in the nation.

  28. Thedrdonna says

    I gave a measurable value, in rebuttal of your claim that coastal schools were “failing”. My refusal to speculate on the cause doesn’t mean that the facts I provided about the effect are incorrect. If you’re going to discount numbers because, basically, you don’t like them, or there’s some fraud occurring that only affects people who can see the ocean, then there’s no further point in talking to you, because you obviously failed basic reasoning, regardless of the geographic location of your school.

  29. Endorado says

    “I gave a measurable value, in rebuttal of your claim that coastal schools were “failing”.”

    No you didn’t. You gave test scores in statewide averages. They don’t prove me wrong, they simply obscure the failing school systems in the major cities like Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, New York, Boston, Hartford, etc… But since it’s too much to ask that you be able to explain something as plain as the nose on your face, let’s narrow the discussion to a single school district: Washington DC. The DC public schools were once considered the best in the nation. Look at them now. What is the most obvious difference between 1950 and now?

  30. Thedrdonna says

    Washington school districts get no money because all levels of their government are controlled by a disinterested federal government. The general trend of defunding schools would only be enhanced there, by lawmakers who aren’t beholden to locals and so have no impetus to give them anything more than the bare minimum. I get that you’re trying to make some sort of racist point about how minorities are ruining the schools, but DC is not in any way indicative of how the school systems of most of the country operate.

  31. Endorado says

    Donna – Depending upon how you calculate it (total budget divided by number of students or per pupil expenditure) the PPE for DC is $18K or $29K. Either way it’s the highest per pupil expenditure in the nation. Where did you get the idea that the DC schools were underfunded?

    According to the NEA the _states_ with the highest per pupil expenditures are :

    New York ($18,616), Vermont ($18,571), New Jersey ($18,485), Alaska ($17,032), and Rhode Island ($16,683).

    These numbers should be considered minimums as they often don’t count some major budget items which are considered “not classroom”.

  32. Derrick From Philly says


    DrDonna is a tranny, so by definition, he is ill-informed and a liar. Further, based on his IP address, he is from the United Kingdom. He has no knowledge about DC public schools. That is why he didn’t know the very basic fact that DC schools spend more per pupil than any other jurisdiction in the US. Don’t expect much in the way of knowledge or education from a tranny. They are training to be CSWs.

  33. TheDrDonna says

    Hahaha well done fake Derrick. I have no idea where you’re coming from, because Towleroad doesn’t collect that kind of data and we both know it, but your wild guess couldn’t be less accurate. I’m coming to you live from the Left Coast, near the San Francisco Gay Area itself. Good try, though, maybe you can find someone more gullible to swallow your lies. I’d advise the Fox News commenters, they’re used to taking huge lies at face value.

  34. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, THEDRDONNA, for calling out the fake Derrick from Philly.

    I have witnessed what happens with Transgender folks–especially the girls. It is ALWAYS the aggression against Transgender folks, but they respond–and get blamed. I’ve seen it too many times. AND experienced the abuse when I was younger.

    LOL…I keep asking crazy-azz Rick why he does these imposter posting and also posting under other folks’ posting names? He won’t give an answer.

    CAn anbody explain it to me? I’m too narcissistic to create a different posting name. I’m a fu.cking Towleroad star, honey…for almost a decade, honey!!!! LOL.

    Rick, you are sad, disgustng and (unfortunately) funny–’cause I love funny.

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