Mary Cheney Hosting Fundraiser to Fight Proposed Indiana Ban on Gay Marriage


Mary Cheney is hosting a fundraiser to fight the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in Indiana.

Said an email sent out by Freedom Indiana:

"Freedom means freedom for everyone. For me, that’s not just another saying. It’s who I am — the core of what I believe. No one should be denied the fundamental liberties we all deserve. Speaking out against HJR-6 isn’t a matter of politics. It’s about family. It’s about everyone feeling welcome in the state they call home. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my wife Heather and our two children. And then I think about the thousands of same-sex couples and their families in Indiana who would be directly impacted by HJR-6, I’m committed to standing together and working across party lines to keep this amendment out of Indiana’s constitution. Freedom Indiana’s campaign is strong. And as the start of the legislative session quickly approaches, we can make it even stronger by pitching in to support the grassroots work across the state. Join me in Indianapolis on Wednesday, December 11th as we raise crucial funds and resources to protect Indiana’s constitution. Click here to get your ticket now. Thanks for everything you're doing to stop HJR-6. See you soon, Mary Cheney."

Politico notes that the "freedom for everyone" line is a veiled shot at Liz:

The “freedom for everyone” line mimicked by Liz Cheney’s remark regarding gay marriage in 2009 that “freedom means freedom for everybody.” (She also said at the time that gay nuptials should be a state-to-state issue.) During her Senate campaign in Wyoming, Liz Cheney been vocal about her opposition to gay marriage, opening a very public rift with her sister.


  1. Mike says

    This makes me a little angry. If her father needed to win another election, I’m sure she’d shut up about Indiana. It’s great that she’s doing this, but why didn’t she and Ken Mehlman grow backbones earlier?

  2. Tony says

    Oh shut up everyone. She’s doing a good job here. Maybe she was under pressure by her father before not to promote gay right, what do we know? The fact that she is doing this is wonderful and should be fully supported by everyone.
    Case closed.

  3. David From Canada says

    Mary comes from a stronghold Republican family, so therefore her options for helping out the Gay Community are very limited at times. She has helped LGBT people in the past, and I’m glad that she’s going to bat for them again. Her heart is in the right place.

  4. ian says

    I had posted elsewhere my opinion that this feud was a cynical attempt to boost Liz’s standing with the far right anti-gay bigoted GOP base. That may be still true, but I am more inclined to think perhaps the feud is real. Regardless, Mary has always been a coat-tailer; willing to let others gain the rights she now enjoys for her, while she stood by silent and supporting a cynical anti-gay GOP platform. perhaps she’s had a mea culpa, but still, I don’t trust her.

  5. dearcomrade says

    I’m with Dan Savage on this “C U Next Tuesday”. She’s a piece of sh!t who supported Romney in 2012. Her late conversion to equality is not appreciated.

  6. Just_a_guy says

    I love Dan Savage. But I still applaud Mary Cheney here.

    In a sense, Indiana is packed with Cheneys, i.e. white folk who toe the Republican line as if they’re in on it and benefit (even when they’re not and don’t). These same folk have occasional gay sons, daughters, siblings, and cousins. On learning of their relative’s sexual orientation, these folk enter the exact same deer-in-the-headlights cognitive dissonance that many in the Cheney family went through. (Never mind that Liz Cheney still remains dimly frozen, afraid to stir.)

    Mary Cheney is good for Indiana. I can agree with Dan Savage or Davey Wavey all I want. But most Hoosiers just won’t snub a Cheney.

    If Mary wants to redeem herself, I suggest she tries to get a big pflag presence…and then stays in it for long enough to bring actual gay marriage to the Hoosier state.

  7. mickey says

    Its hogwash and this whole badly scripted “awaking” of a Cheney to equality…now just when her sister is tanking because of attacks from the right conveniently backing up her “personally held religious convictions” when the attack ads are calling her liberal???

    Give me a f n break. If a Cheney is saying it…it benefits a Cheney.

  8. Stuart says

    Can we all just ignore Mary Cheney? She has worked to defeat our rights — not just the right to marry — for years, until suddenly the guns of the Republican right were aimed at her. She donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign, she worked for George W. Bush’s campaign, and she’s a Republican still. The fact that she comes from a family of right wing Republicans doesn’t entitle her to any slack. She’s got her own conscience to live with, and many gays and lesbians had to deal with worse from their own families — and they did.

    We don’t need Mary Cheney, except to help defeat her sister, and I don’t want her. Let’s just ignore her.

  9. KevenT says

    Dearcomrade – right on!

    Tony – the moment she issues a public apology for the damage she did supporting and campaigning for Romney and states unequivocally that her support for gay hating republican assholes is over I will begin to entertain listening to her. So far she’s just an enormous hypocrite in my books.

  10. Ricco says

    Go Frak Yourself hypocrite!! This woman not only supported George Bush and her father’s when they ran on an anti-gay platform, but she wrote a check to Mitt Romeny’s campaign, and voted for him when he ran on an even more anti-gay platform, wanting to amend the U.S. constitution itself that would nullify gay marriage even in those states where it had passed.

    This d*ke has never once in her fricking life expended a single thought of the thousands of same-se partners and their children. Now she wants to pretend that she is suddenyl empathetic, and capable of projecting beyond her own needs and wants.

    I prefer Liz over Mary, because Liz is a straight woman who despises gays and Mary and her dy*e partner are self-serving bit*hes who despise the gay community.

    The only thing I despise as much or more than a hypocrite is a liar, and on that score Mary is doubly endowed.

  11. simon says

    PAUL R:
    Some words are censored automatically. Like the f word, the c word or b word. If your post contains those words, it won’t be posted. I suppose you know how to get around that.

  12. Ricco says

    Grow up TONY!! Under pressure to NOT support gay rights. Were talking about a gay woman, not a gay kindergartner.

    When your a child, living under your parentls roof, perhaps you can be pressured to surrender your conscience . . . but when you become man or woman, an ACTUAL adult, you are responsible for your own actions. You don’t get to be a mega- self-serving bit*h and say my Daddy made me do it.

  13. JMC says

    I agree with Just A Guy. I’m inclined to write her off ass trash like the rest of her family but I’m ever so slightly sympathetic towards her and if she stays committed to righting her wrongs I could forgive her transgressions.

  14. Lexis says

    If her message appeals to Republicans who are thinking of crossing-over on the marriage equality issue, then more power to her, because in some states, if it hadn’t been for a handful of legislators with an “R” behind their names voting with us, then it wouldn’t have become a reality. I’m thinking specifically of New York where it finally cleared the State Senate by a vote 33-29 with four Republicans supporting it.

  15. MaryM says

    Mary Cheney is evil, self-hating homophobic scum.
    I hope some enterprising person pies her.

    Ken Mehlman sometimes whines that gay people spit on him in the street (as if he doesn’t deserve it).

    Cheney is not as evil as Mehlman but almost.,

  16. says

    If she can reach some Republicans, more power to her. Better she be working for us rather than against, as she did by supporting a bunch of anti-gay Republicans in the recent past.

    As with Ken Mehlman, her present actions don’t erase her history. That’s hers to own, and she needs to be kept honest if she tries to rewrite it. We don’t have to become best buddies with Mary and Ken, so putting a lot of energy into blame or forgiveness is futile at this point.

  17. says

    Well I *don’t* applause Mary Cheney. In a just world this vile cooze would never have been ALLOWED to marry her same-sex partner.

    Dan Savage is absolutely right. It’s not right for her to take advantages of the rights gained for gays when she both publically and financially supported blatantly anti-gay politicians and regimes.

    If it was up to Mary Cheney and the people she supports there would BE no such thing as gay marriage or even basic gay rights. So fvck her. If karma really worked she’d be dead in a ditch somewhere.

  18. Phil says

    Typical republicans. They are vicious to everyone, including gays; when it serves them, they change on a single issue. A very evil family with no empathy for others.

  19. MaryM says

    I genuinely hope people spit at this despicable witch.

    The damage that Uncle Toms like Mary Cheney and Ken Mehlman have wreaked on our communities means that they deserve nothing but contempt and scorn and ridicule (and spit in the face).

    Mary Cheney’s sister Liz hates her. Good.
    Her father is a murderous war criminal who deserves the electric chair for his crimes against humanity.
    And she is a member of a party which hates her.

    That does not mean that we should like this c**t any more.

  20. Clayton says

    Is she late to the party? Yes. Have her past actions done harm? Yes. Is she opportunistic? Yes.

    But here is the key question: Might her present actions help advance equality? The answer is yes.

    There is a reason they say that politics makes strange bedfellows.

  21. Gigi says

    It’s nice that Darth Cheney’s daughter is finally fighting the good fight but lest we forget — she donated the maximum amount to the Mitt Romney campaign in 2012, as well as donating to the senate campaign of the virulently anti-gay George Allen. Romney wanted to implement a nationwide ban on same-sex marriage. Cheney didn’t care about that of course because she’s already gay-married. I’m glad that the Demon Seed is trying to make amends for NOT speaking up about the Bush/Cheney demonization of The Gays during their Reign of Terror but seriously…she’s got A LOT of damage to undo.

  22. MaryM says

    I presume people will boo at her and spit at her and pie her when she arrives.

    These hideous Mary Cheney and Ken Mehlman creatures do not get a pass simply because they now support causes which they worked so tirelessly and efficiently to oppose.

    Freedom Indiana needs to explain how this evil cooze Mary Cheney is in any way suitable to speak at this event.

    If she wants to donate money then fine, but associating so publicly with evil scum like Mary Cheney is only damaging their cause and reputation.

  23. MaryM says

    If there is a question and answer session I hope people remind this despicable person that her owm sister hates her.

    She surely won’t mind – all sane LGBT people hate Mary Cheney as well.

  24. doug says

    Now she cares about equality- she didn’t as little as 1 year ago when she supported Romney/wrote him $2500 check and he wanted Federal law banning marriage in ALL states- this woman doesn’t deserve our respect!

  25. Ned Flaherty says

    Three crystal clear events show Mary Cheney for who she really is.

    1. On 3 August 2011, during his campaign to become a Republican President, Mitt Romney publicly signed NOM’s written vow to repeal marriage equality in all 17 states where it exists, and to ban marriage equality, everywhere, forever, via the U.S. Constitution.

    2. On 7 January 2012, Mary Cheney wrote a check for $2,500 to Mitt Romney, to help him (a) become President and (b) tear Mary’s own family apart.

    3. On 26 November 2013, Mary Cheney wrote, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my wife Heather and our two children.”

    Mary Cheney valued putting a Republican in the White House more than keeping her own family intact, so nothing she says can be trusted.

    Why did she donate cash to elect a man who vowed to void her marriage and destroy her family? WHY?

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