1. Gregoire says

    Eh, people change. Eminem has hopefully changed. I trust Sia’s instincts more than I give any particular thought to Eminem.

  2. Brion says

    “most famous for her “Titanium” collaboration with David Guetta”


    I guess FIVE spectacular solo albums mean nothing?

    Wow. Shoddy reportage.

  3. bobbyjoe says


    The ship has long sailed on Eminem changing. It’s not like he wasn’t taken to task on antigay lyrics many times in past years. Remember Elton “My Career Has Become About Giving Cover to Homophobes” John? Marshall Mathers has long made it clear that he’s all about using bigotry to make a buck. There’s not much lower than that. It’s not the “Slim Shady” character (and Sia finally seems to have caught on to that fact). It’s transparently the inner man who’s the degraded human being, not just some created character. If anything, the fact he obviously knows better just makes it worse that he doesn’t stop.

  4. JMC says

    Brion, Sia is definitely most known for Titanium (and Wild Ones). Doesn’t matter how spectacular her solo albums are when basically no one outside of Australia knows they exist.

  5. TonyJazz says

    I’m certain that Sia would not have recorded a song with him if she had been made aware of the continued hatred of gay people evident on his album. After all, even Sir Elton made the mistake of pandering to this unfortunate, no-longer-young person….

  6. Mikey says

    If Eminem made a career targeting any other demographic as he does LGBT…there would be riots and burning of his music on the streets. So sick of cultural homophobia being given a pass!

  7. Junior says

    I met Eminem once and he was a total completely prick at the event to everyone. Plus, he’s really not talented. At all. He’s just a gimmick.

  8. Tyler says

    Kev C and Rick (same person) can’t resist slamming on a female and calling her anti-gay. Almost all of rock’s rants make mention on the inherent homophobia of women, or some nonsense like that. Typical trolls ripping on their typical targets: openly LGBT people and women, in this case both. Sad, pathetic trolls.

  9. Billy says

    SIA is a lesbian did not know that. I thought she was dating skrillex for a second. Oops. Breath me is what I thought she was known for. She has certainly been bringing in the bucks writing and singing with pop idols these past few years!

  10. FancyPants says

    Yeah, sorry, I have to reiterate the confusion over the idea Sia is best known for Titanium. Perhaps she’s most recently known for that. But, she’s probably best known for Breathe Me. And I’m sorry, plenty of people who appreciate good music know Sia who are not in Australia. Don’t be ridiculous just because you have no taste in music, please.

  11. Deeee! says

    Sia’s out, but as bisexual. On a side note, listen to Sia’s new single “Elastic Heart”, featuring Weeknd and Diplo. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, I apologize in advance…

  12. Randy says

    So what does Sia mean by “proceeds”? It better mean “every penny of revenue”, not some “net” or “take home” figure.