1. northalabama says

    yes, because we all know that rappers and professional sports players have long used gay identities as a way to propel themselves to stardom and fame…he can’t really be that stupid, can he?

  2. MikeBoston says

    This would make sense if there was any reasonable guarantee that releasing a song with a gay-positive message (Mackelmore/Lewis) or coming out as a gay man (Ocean) would be well received. There was no reason to think that either would be the case.

    I don’t think either are heroes for their actions but I do respect them for taking a risk and sending a very positive message.

    As for R.A. – He seems to be the one trying to use their actions for publicity.

  3. SeeeTeee says

    First, I totally get where he’s coming from about people exploiting things for their benefit. However, I find his logic flawed for a few reasons. First, regarding Frank Ocean, wouldn’t it be better for the LGBT community for him to come out when he’s getting the most publicity? I hate to be so cynical but if he had come out before he had the level of fame that he had, the impact wouldn’t have been as big.

    And regarding Macklemore, his argument totally negates an artist’s freedom to actually have the feelings expressed in the song. Sometimes I get all militant and thing oh, we don’t need straight people to help us. But straight allies are great and they do help bring about the changes we need.

    So, while I do agree that we should be wary of fair weather friends, I just don’t see it in these two examples.

  4. GregV says

    I’ve never heard of this guy, but I’ve already lost respect for him for the hypocracy of his attitude.

    Every artist (and every politician and all the rest of us) chooses the angle he’s going to take on issues. Some (like Macklemore) will choose to advance their career while advancing love and fairness and kindness. Others exploit division and hatred.
    In this guy’s case, his political opinions are written ALL OVER his lyrics. I looked up one of his songs’ lyrics at random and he’s “exploiting” popular opinions against the Vietnam War and against abortion and against Islamic extremists and against a whole range of other political issues, all in ONE SONG.
    So it’s fine for him to express himself, but somehow “expolitative” for anyone else to express his own ideas?

    Also: He’s put words into Frank Ocean’s mouth. He never said “I’m gay.” He still has not publicly mentioned whether his orientation is gay, straight or bi.
    “RA” has tweeted all about various girls he’s dating as well as ex-girlfriends, and posts pics of him being “taken care of” by a German girl and signing another girl’s butt crack with a felt pen.
    But Frank Ocean mentions in one interview about a guy he had a crush on when he was younger, and somehow HIS own real life experience is the love that must not speak its name?

    This is just thoughtless hypocrisy on the part of a rapper who obviously doesn’t think things through before he speaks nonsense.

  5. Kev C says

    Of course they are doing it for their careers. Rap music is for homophobic bigots and any gay person who patronizes it is supporting bigotry and betraying the gay community.

  6. jersey says

    No RA you talentless prick. Mackelmore and Frank Ocean are huge because they are talented artists with viewpoints that are current and challenging. It’s not their fault no-one has ever heard of you.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    Point #1: Not only does he not have enough sense not to say stupid things, but he hasn’t enough sense to hire an agent to keep him from saying stupid things.

    Point #2: Sour grapes.

  8. Will says

    That gay themes in a song or someone’s coming out is strategically placed to maximize profit is not a valid criticism. If Frank came out two years ago or in two years, there still would bigoted ignorance claiming it was timed. Oddly, most celebrities come out AFTER the ship has sailed on their careers..hmm guess that’s Bigotry Society Inc. agenda, doing what it does best – shaming, killing, and stigmatizing homosexuals.

  9. Adrenan P says

    Yes, we’re being manipulated and used by the music industry, but not in the way this rapper is suggesting. We’re being manipulated and used by the fake-bisexual females whose pseudo-lesbian images actually are designed to appeal to sleazy straight guys at our expense. Think Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Britney, Rihanna etc etc.

    At the end of the day you only have to look at the current Billboard Hot 100 chart to see how bad it is for openly gay and bisexual men. The chart is completely devoid of us.

  10. jason says

    By the way, do you guys like the new screen name “Adrenan P” that I’m using?

    I thought it up while I was being ignored my my entire family because they wish I was a lesbian.

  11. says

    Somebody’s jealous, right? The Same Love song was out for over a year and it was only after Thrift Store got big, and the Supreme Court delivered their opinion, that it started to get airplay.

  12. jjose712 says

    Yes, because being gay and pro gay has been such help in the hip hop community.

    Wait no, the usual standard is to show your homophobia even when you are not a real homophobe, because that’s what rappers do.

    This guy seems to forget that Macklemore had two number ones songs before releasing Same Love, that he can skip releasing the single because the song just did its work, but he chose to send the song to radio anyway. And of course forget that Macklemore is an independent artist with no major behind him.

    And of course Frank Ocean was all about publicity. No matter there were tons of buzz about his album months before its release.
    And if it’s so good to come out, i don’t know how he is the only mainstream hip hop r&B singer who did it. Because frankly, there are tons of blind items about hip hop, rap and R&B singer who prefer males to females, but noone of them had the guts to come out

  13. dommyluc says

    Who in the hell is this guy? Did he win a cable access talent show or something?
    Funny, I knew that the gay community was fairly powerful but I didn’t know we had the ability to make or break an artist’s career. Wow, how come we didn’t go after Taylor Swift before she destroyed music?
    Oh, and I think I know the title of R.A.’s next big hit: “Want Fries With That?”

  14. Fenrox says

    1) THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Using more famous people to try to get some recognition.

    2) Synergy is not always intent. Frank Ocean didn’t really come out but was lauded for it, he could have been demonized for it too.


  15. Francis #1 says

    R.A. The Rugged Man is pretty big in the industry as far as I know, so what he’s saying isn’t insignificant but it’s clearly completely wrong. Why make a gay-accepting video in an industry that has been and continues to be largely homophobic? That doesn’t make sense. He sounds like another one of the types who can’t handle change and thinks it’s “harmful” to hip-hop culture to “use” it to promote a message that isn’t hip-hop. Did he think to consider the many gay hip-hop fans? Offensive and ignorant.

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