1. Marc says

    My god, he just gets sexier and sexier! And seeing this side of him is so sweet. Although, about that ancient quote about the moon and stars… now that I think about it, the stars are further than the moon, so are we to believe that if you reach a little bit you will go further? Or that if you reach super high you may fall “only” into stardom, the lesser, but still wonderful, land of bliss? Methinks this quote needs tweaked. If you reach for Pluto, you may still land on Uranus?

  2. JackFknTwist says

    I read about those NJ people who would not tip because of their high-minded self- obsessed moral delusions.
    Then I listened to Ricky Martin.

    Which has the generous spirit ?
    Which has the mean spirit ?

    And I remembered my own Bible education :
    “Two men went up to the Temple to pray; one a Pharasii, one a Publican.
    The Pharasii went to the front of the Temple and beat his breast and said how he gives a tenth of his goods to the poor….etc
    The Publican hid at the back and said, Forgive me, for I am a sinner.
    And which of these was justified before god ?

    Well it seems obvious to me that those NJ people who dissed the server are the stinking hypocrites and Ricky Martin has a open soul and a generous spirit.

  3. jjose712 says

    ASam and S. : You both are concious that the world is not restricted to the USA?
    ;aybe he is not a superstar there anymore (in fact he was a superstar only for a short period of time there), but he had a career before Livin’ la vida loca, and he has a career after.
    He is a superstar in a lot of latin american countries.
    And no, women didn’t abandon him, at less not here in spain when he has a lot of fans.
    When he came out, his career was very far from being at its peak, and frankly, coming out didn’t affect him in terms of sales and popularity at all. In fact, i would say that it make him more relevant.

    Pop music is very ageist, and Ricky, no matter how good looking he is, pass his forty

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