1. Rick says

    Just further evidence that society simply cannot deal with the idea of a man being gay and simply being of normal masculinity, rather than a caricature–it continues to be just too threatening an idea to approach.

    But then again, why should society be able to deal with that idea when the majority of gay men also cannot deal with the idea and it continues to be just too threatening an idea for THEM to approach, as well?

    Male homosexuality continues to be viewed by all and sundry as some kind of aberration, including those who are themselves homosexual.

    How profoundly sad.

  2. stranded says

    Only two lesbians in it? Talk about under-representation! And where’s the down-low black dude and the heteroflexible white guy?

  3. PrestoChango says

    I would like to see a gay-themed tower-defense game where the user plays the role of ‘gays’ [a kind of Deus-Ex-Machina] and defends LGBT organizations, HIV clinics, gay clubs, and moving gay characters being gay-baited from anti-gay religious, right-wing, macho, or ‘just-world’ers.

    @ Rick. How old are you, may I ask? Or how old would you like the reader to think you are?

  4. says

    @Presto – it doesn’t matter. RICK isn’t a real person of worth or value. If this site ever blocks him from being able to comment, he will promptly off himself. Not that that’d be a bad thing. This is his only outlet to vent his impotent rage about being a modern-day eunuch.

    The game, btw, looks freakin hilarious.

  5. David From Canada says

    Go Go Gary – love the name! And when they were throwing their punches, all the little rainbows coming out.
    Don’t take this too seriously – silly, cute and most of all, entertaining!

  6. OddBet says

    I’ll give you Street Fighter being hyper masculine, but Soul Calibur and Guilty Gear? Other than Mitsurugi, Cervantes, and Siegfried, what Soul characters are really all that masculine?

    And Guilty Gear has Bridget. No further evidence required.

  7. Fenrox says

    Awesome!I would love for that to get popular and supported with a better engine and art, maybe a steam or ouya release.

    There are no gay games so even one that will later be looked down on as a trope is a big step forward (in gay gaming).