1. UFFDA says

    This is going to be fun but may also be an unintended parody of those many who have struggled through the far more real agony of an escape to freedom. Last time I heard no one is going to shoot a limping man who has sacrificed everything to cross into Washington State so that he can marry his boyfriend. Oppression? We know nothing.

  2. Christopher says

    Couples in Wisconsin are not eligible to enter…. I think it is because there something in Wisconsin law regarding leaving the state to circumvent laws in Wisconsin.

  3. says

    Andy, Can you name the originator of that excellent map? I would like to publish it alongside a law journal article I am writing and I need attribution and permission.

  4. Rob says

    Very nice, very sweet and I’m sure it will be a good TV show. But yet again, those of us who had to leave the country and live in exile are forgotten. You want real oppression and hardship, try including us who are trying financially and legally to return to the states just to participate in in the gay American dream.

  5. alex says

    @Rob: Perhaps you should do some research about the ACLU before condemning them. They have long supported immigration reform. And, as far back as 2001, they advocated that LGBT people be treated equally when it comes to immigration issues.

    Many of us have no desire to get married. But, you won’t hear us complaining that the ACLU isn’t including us in their campaign/contest.

    Regardless, have you stopped to think that this might actually help you? Publicizing the fact that our civil rights vary by state might actually help advance the cause at the federal level. That would help you because immigration is a federal issue.