ACLU Paying for 5 Gay Couples to Have Outrageous Weddings Across State Lines: VIDEO


Today, the ACLU is launching a campaign and contest fronted by Project Runway's Tim Gunn meant to draw attention to the patchwork of unequal state laws regarding same-sex marriage. They're giving $5,000 to couples with the best ideas for how they'll cross state lines to get married.

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The ACLU writes: 2_aclu

Friends, family, and supporters can vote for their favorite couple to win the Big, Gay (Il)legal Wedding of their dreams. The ACLU will help five, same-sex couples go the extra mile down the aisle—whether it’s kayaking across a river or riding a hot air balloon—into a state where it is legal to marry. The campaign will capture the stories and struggles each couple faces, highlighting the current inequalities that exist between neighboring states.

"This campaign is about basic fairness and ensuring that same-sex couples can protect their families and care for one another like other married couples," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. "The ACLU will not rest until all 50 states allow everyone to marry the person they love."

StatesAfter the winning couples are announced, allies and proponents of this freedom to marry initiative can also enter the "Wedding Crashers Sweepstakes" for the chance to win a VIP trip to "crash" the marquee "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding” reception in New York City in the Spring of 2014.  Participants enter the sweepstakes by signing the winning couples’ wedding “guestbook," which will then be delivered to the governor of the couples’ home state as a petition calling for the freedom to marry.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

And find out more about the campaign HERE.