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Gay Marriage News Watch: Updates from HI, PA, UT, LA and Australia


Australia saw its first same-sex marriages over the weekend, but that window may soon close, as AFTER's Matt Baume explains. Also, marriage news from Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Louisiana.


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  1. Odd that these reports are so lacking in insight. It's as if all lawsuits are equally good or smart.

    For example, the Louisiana lawsuits are fairly incompetent. They sue the wrong person and they aren't based on any actual denial of rights, just anticipation of denials. The plaintiffs would be in better shape if they actually applied for something like a second-parent adoption or had their joint tax return rejected.

    Some of these are just PR stunts that need to get serious.

    Posted by: Chuckles | Dec 9, 2013 5:35:13 PM

  2. when same sex marriage so will lawsuits as members of the homosexual community love law suite and abuse the law all of the time

    Posted by: John Christopher sunol | Dec 10, 2013 5:20:07 AM

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