1. says

    OK, first off, Britney Spears has all the intelligence of a particularly slow-witted chimpanzee and getting upset at anything she says is pointless. If you want to know what the mentally challenged have to say about gays, drop by your local sheltered workshop and ask them directly.

    Secondly, gay men who are Britney Spears fans probably do tend toward the “girly” end of the spectrum, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. MaryM says

    It’s desperately sad to watch this empty shell of a human being forced to go on promotional tours.

    Britney Spears has been deemed legally incapable of looking after her own finances, health or life. At the age of 32 she remains under the conservatorship of her parents.

    They really must have no love for her if they are insisting she keep engaging in this fame treadmill when it very nearly destroyed her.

    She should retire and enjoy her millions. With some peace and quiet she may gain the ability to control her own life once again.

  3. Luke says

    I realize that there are some feminine males who are into female stars and “diva” stuff, but I think that they should not be held out as representative of gay or bisexual dudes or the norm for gay/bi dudes. They are the flamboyant exception. Yet, people like Britney speak as if they are the average gay/bi dude. They view gay men as half-woman, feminine, and not manly. They truly think of gay men as “half girls” and that is why the feminine gay stereotype is so destructive, as well as erroneous.

  4. Comicsnook says

    “Gay people” encompasses females as well, but anyway, it’s always interesting when people stupidly equate gay men with being girls. Why girls and not women, but why those two adjectives anyway? Men come in a lot of different modes, same with women – but for some reason gay men get called “girls” all the time.
    Britney is past 30 and is still this dumb?

  5. crispy says

    To be fair, with regard to their musical tastes, a lot of gay men are somewhat girls. After all, this is a site that posts daily One Direction updates.

  6. MIke says

    Most celebrities of course should just keep their damn mouths shut.
    She simply tries to be complimentary and nice, and here we are picking over it like it’s testimony.

  7. Paul R says

    I don’t care for her music, and of course her comments are idiotic. But few child stars receive proper socialization or education, and their parents are usually greedy, abusive, chasing the adulation they failed to achieve, and/or are essentially children (emotionally and otherwise) themselves.

    Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, McCauley Culkin, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and even Liz Taylor have never been noted for their intellects. Some ended up better than others, but it’s an awful thing.

  8. Lucas H says

    @Tristram: Oooooh you just wait and see what happens when these commenters start talking about their masculinity!!! It’s like kicking a hornet’s nest. *grabs popcorn*

  9. Mike Ryan says

    I love Ellen when she hands out concert tickets and free stays at major hotels to the entire audience. She is incredibly generous altho I’m sure Britney’s promoters and the hotel are footing the costs, it is a tribute to Ellen that she can get them to do it. For the big stars promoting a new product Ellen must surely tell them, “You want on my show? Pony up tickets and hotel rooms for my audience of 500 people!” And they do it!

  10. Andy says

    In the good old days, “artists” with the equivalent musical talent of Britney Spears had careers that lasted for two albums.

    Then came Madonna, who brilliantly created the template for minimally-talented musical acts to extend their careers by exploiting the celebrity-obsession/paparazzi/tabloid culture to create constant interest in and hunger for news of what they do off-stage.

    And voila. You no longer need to possess any musical talent whatsoever to have a long career in music…you just have to engage in a lot of shenanigans in your personal life that the rags will cover, and keep your name and image in the public eye, which will generate interest in your latest inconsequential-but-catchy piece of producer-created fluffy dance-pop.

    Now we are about to enter into our 17th year of Britney Spears, who can’t sing, can’t play an instrument, and can’t write a song, but still looks hot and can dance a little, as a major pop star, one who is actually, inexplicably considered “relevant” by many…especially teh gays.

  11. excy says

    While I agree that she is harmless I cannot say the same about her managers, family etc. Britney is a cash machine. They are exploiting her now as they have been since the Mickey Mouse Club and particularly since “Hit Me Baby One More Time” hit the airwaves in 1998. She doesn’t even know how many nights per week she will be performing. It’s a shame because she doesn’t have much talent. No wonder she seems lost and insecure.

  12. Fancy says

    @Andy – my only remark to that is that such fascination was well at hand before Madonna. She was really just the first woman solo star to gain the attention. The personal lives of celebrities have interested people for decades before Madonna. It’s human nature, for whatever reason.

    I would also just note that comparing Madonna to Britney is ridiculous.

    Britney lives in her own little world and seems harmless enough. We should not be so quick to jump down the throats of people who are paying us compliments in whatever simpleton way they know how. That all said, her new album is terrible. And this girly gay will not be purchasing it.

  13. Alex N says

    She seems very uncomfortable in all situations these days. I know her meds probably keep her calm, but if it’s all so difficult for her, why doesn’t she just stop doing it? It really seems she is wheeled out for pretty much everything in her public career.

    As for Andy’s comment, Madonna is partially responsible for the illusion that the industry has projected upon her that talent is secondary in the pursuit of fame, but I think she has proven time and time again that the sexism that led to her talent being dismissed hasn’t stood the test of time. Madonna is actually quite talented, and she is certainly intelligent and cultivated in her own way. Britney Spears is not really comparable.

  14. crispy says

    I wouldn’t say that Madonna exploited tabloid culture to further her career… the relentless paparazzi environment we have now in the era of TMZ didn’t exist in the mid 80s.

    Madonna pioneered the use of television and music video to create a visual, highly sexualized image of a female recording artist that didn’t exist before her. That said, she is marginally talented (her singing improved tremendously after Evita, for which she took singing lessons).

    The Britneys and the Mileys of today don’t need any talent thanks to recording technology so they rely solely on that visual image.

  15. Tired says


    But no one did talk about their masculinity here JUST that as gay men we really should stop digesting stereotypes like : yeah we’re just somewhat girls – from mindless popstars who unfortunately have too much influence.

  16. tinkerbelle says

    @Crispy — I remember very well when Madonna launched, she exploited every outlet possible for publicity, the paparazzi couldn’t even keep up with her (once they found out who she was). Otherwise I agree entirely with what you say. As a symbol of the female solo artist of the 80s and beyond, she is still queen. To compare Ms Spears and her eternally Lolita-like persona—even at the age of 32 (I was actually shocked to read this as I just assumed she was still, what, 24?)—to Madonna, well, it’s like comparing Kim K to Queen Elizabeth II. Although I think that Ms Spears is also a victim: of her intelligence (or lack thereof), her family and her public.

  17. Alexander says

    Yeah I’m neither overtly butch nor femme…. which btw i feel there is nothing wrong with a guy embracing their softer side…. however LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!lol She is way more talented than Madonna and her singing is way better. I feel her dancing is very janet jackson personally.