1. jjose712 says

    Frankly this man is an idiot. Nothing of what he says is relevant.
    I know that people say it’s good to know your enemy, but this enemy is really boring and absurd

  2. ToThePoint says

    Freedom of speech should cover opinions but when you make this kind of statement as if it is fact then it goes beyond opinion and should be prosecutable as slander.

  3. Bill says

    Too bad the president can’t sue that liar for slander – the laws make such lawsuits more difficult when the target is a public figure.

    Fisher should be roundly criticized for trying to harm the U.S. by trying to get Indians even madder at us than they are now. The way their official was treated was an outrage, but it was apparently the same way we get treated by the goons running our jails.

    So let’s call Fisher what he is – figuratively a traitor (not literally but only because of technicalities in the definition).

  4. L.I.P.S. says

    “The way their official was treated was an outrage, but it was apparently the same way we get treated by the goons running our jails.”

    The U.S. Supreme Court not too long ago upheld the legality of strip searches for people who are jailed (even erroneously) on traffic charges.

    Life In a Police State.
    You gotta wonder if the conservative majority would feel the same if Mrs. Scalia or Jenny Thomas got cavity searches for speeding.

  5. Woodroad34 says

    Why are we trampling on Bryan Fischer’s 1st Amendment rights while he’s trampling on Obama’s 1st Amendment rights? Have we no moral compass? We do have moral irony, though.

  6. jamal49 says

    Bryan Fisher, shut the hell up. She was arrested because she misrepresented the terms of employment to the housekeeper and kept in her in a state of virtual slavery. Which I am sure you would favour since your phony religion has a verse that tells slaves to “mind their masters”.

  7. Mary says

    I’m becoming a real Towleroader because my first thought upon reading this story was to say the following “Isn’t there anything else in life that Bryan Fischer discuses except gay rights? What is making him so angry? Is something up his *ss? Or it is the LACK of something up his *ss?”

    Mr. Fischer should try focusing on something other than gay rights issues, but that doesn’t mean he has to take his focus off gays themselves. As someone here once said “there’s still time for him to find the man of his dreams.”

  8. anon says

    I think this is direct evidence that he’s compulsive about gay “issues” even for topics that have no relationship to real gay issues. Further, his time line is a bit wrong. The complaint was filed before the ISC ruling came down. The arrest was done with the consultation w/ the State Dept. but there’s no reason to think there’s any relationship to the ISC ruling. There’s no evidence that the US has retaliated against any of the many other countries lately that have acted to suppress gay rights, including Russia, Jamaica, Uganda and the CAR.

  9. Bill says

    @Woodroad34 : Calling Brian Fischer an idiot and everything else that applies is not trampling on his “First Amendment right,” but is simply a case of exercising ours.

    This may surprise some, but the First Amendment does not give you the right to not be called a fool in public when you act like a fool in public.

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