Cuba Implements Protections For Workers Based On Orientation

Cuban Parliament

The Cuban parliament has just passed an historic change to the island's labor codes that put them above most states here in the U.S. They have expanded the codes with language that explicitly protects gays and lesbians and bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and received support from Christian and intellectual parliamentary leaders.

However, for two steps forward there's one step back. The original draft of the changes included employment protections for political opinion but were removed in subsequent revisions. Dissidents and opponents of the Cuban government have latched on to the revision, making sure that it's known that while this is a step forward, it is also possibly a diversionary tactic to gloss over the removal of protections for political dissent.


  1. bry says

    Give it a rest…before we credit the Castro regime with newfound protections for lgbt workers, and cast an unfavorable light on U.S. state governments, we need to remember that incarceration, separation, and ridicule existed for lgbt citizens for decades. How are they or their sacrifices made whole by these protections? In the U.S., 29 governorships are in GOP hands. Make certain to organize and rout these ALEC playbook governors and legislators in 2014!

  2. ratbastard says

    Here’s your daily reality check:

    This move by the Castro,Inc. & Friends dictatorship is a rather lame PR mobe to curry favor wiyh dim witted and more often than not insincere western so-called progressives. Don’t get me started.

  3. Strict Scrutiny says

    There is no question that the LGBT population in Cuba was treated horribly for years. But that is not a reason to dismiss this development as insignificant or meaningless. To the contrary, it’s a very positive development and the Cuban government should be commended for adopting a fairer attitude toward sexual minorities.

    This country has its own shameful history with respect to gay rights. Don’t forget that 14 states criminalized same-sex conduct before the U.S. Supreme Court struck the sodomy statues down. Moreover, it is still legal to fire people in some states for being gay; it seems that is no longer the case in Cuba.

    Give credit where credit is due and don’t dismiss it because Cuba lacks other freedoms. Other countries have much worse human rights records than Cuba, yet we seem to get along with them just fine.

  4. anon says

    I don’t think many gays from the US would move to Cuba just to gain ENDA-like benefits. For one thing, employment in Cuba is fairly limited. And then there’s all the dictatorship stuff going on. Don’t confuse Cuba with Canada.

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