1. Kip says

    Really getting impatient with Oregon and pissed off that they put these two lovely men through this crap. This is supposed to be a liberal state, and to put established constitutional rights up for a vote is disgusting. Get it done, Oregon! NOW!

  2. Matt says

    It’s a crime that same-sex civil marriages can’t be performed here in Oregon, but I’m convinced we WILL get it done in 2014. And in the meantime, at least same-sex marriages performed out of state are legally recognized here.

  3. says

    Marriage equality opponents don’t want to see these two. They want it to be all anonymous stereotypes & hypotheticals because in the abstract we can be painted as monsters. But when the reality is shown and it’s happy loving everyday people it is no longer an abstract. That’s the beauty of putting real faces to the oppression. Making it personal … here are the people you hurt.

    In the Desert News articles quite often commenters made reference to ‘look at who we’ve been hurting’. It was one of the best aspects of the Utah ruling.

    Congratulations Eric & Eugene!

  4. Fox says

    @Kip, Oregon is only a liberal state in the Nortwestern corner from Portland down to Eugene. (And I’m not even sure I’d include Linn and Marion counties in that.) Thank god that’s where the majority of the population lives. When I lived in Eugene there were religious fanatics and neo-Nazi types right outside the city lines. My sister lives in Clackamas and she’s always running into wilderness rednecks. Oh yeah, they’re liberal enough to smoke pot, but they’re not very tolerant when it comes to diversity.

  5. UFFDA says

    You’re damn right this is outdated…published posthumously, for heaven’s sake!

    DAVID – so when did they get married?

    And where’s the story from earlier in the day about the NFL footballer who’s boyfriend told on him? That was a hell of a story!

  6. dumbnhung says

    Saddens me that long-term gay couples have to go through this kind of stress to get the benefits that heterosexual married couples automatically get. This should be a federal issue, resolved once and for all at a federal level.

  7. Patrick says

    Neither one of us is expecting to die anytime soon, but this is one of the reasons that my partner and I are going across the river next month to get married after being together for 23 years. We wanted to wait for Oregon to legalize it, but we decided the benefits outweighed any desire to be married in our home state. It helps that Oregon has chosen to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. We figure we will go have a simple ceremony at a friends house and then later we can have a big reception here in Portland.

  8. says

    I’ll take the blame for this article not having the updated info about Eugene’s death. It came across my desk without a date & I sent it on to Towleroad. Apologies to Andy & Sean.

    Heartfelt condolences to Eric.

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