1. pete n sfo says

    The TODAY show just did a bit on the ‘controversy’. They were smirking.

    The did play Megyn’s ‘apology’ where she claims that she & FOX are both targets for criticism.

    The also spoke to the author of the original SLATE piece who said, Megyn didn’t sound like she was ‘joking’ but rather as though she was angry that anyone questioned Santa’s skin color. That’s how it sounded to me too.

  2. Sam says

    I’m really over this story. At the end of the day, I just think it’s sad that Christmas, Santa Claus, etc has had this issue of “racism” brought into it.

    Political correctness has sadly reached new, pathetic, laughable levels.

  3. Ken says

    If you ever get the chance, run, don’t walk, to see the Kinsey Sicks’ Christmas special, Oy Vey in a Manger. One year it was at the JCC in DC, this year the girls are in Puerto Vallarta. There is a fourth member who is not in the clip. Most of them are grads of top law schools. . . .

  4. Tom says

    If people are really so offended by the idea of a black santa, I’m all for it. People need to get over themselves, no one has to celebrate christmas the same way you do. No one owns the concept of santa, he can be depicted however people want him to be. Happy holidays.

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