The Most Popular TV Show In Each State

Business Insider TV Map

Business Insider picked up a fun little project to find the most popular tv show in each state. To make their determination, they only pulled from scripted television shows rather than reality TV – Iowa was the one exception – and looked at each show’s longevity, audience and critical acclaim using info from IMDB/Metacritic, awards, and lasting impact on American culture and television. Some shows were gimmes, like Frasier for Washington and Seinfeld for New York, but others were less obvious. You can see the full-sized map at Business Insider, and if you're more literately-inclined you can see BI's list of most famous book in every state.


  1. Gene says

    When I looked at this I was skeptical about it — these can’t be the most popular show in each state. I really think it’s unlikely that The Brady Bunch is the 2013 favorite show in California. So, I read the linked article: the survey is the favorite show that is SET IN THAT STATE. One little detail that is left out of the Towleroad post which imparts a little more sense to it. Reading is fundamental.

  2. Ronny says

    Dang. The best-known show set in Nebraska is The Young Riders? I’d better get writing, because my home state deserves better than a pretty cast in a mediocre show.

  3. Mike says

    Would suggest to Christian Walters, the writer of this slightly misleading article, the same thing that I offered Ricky Martin when it was asked in the caption “Will not someone get him some needed coffee.”

    How about some digital, (or computer keyboard coffee) instead?


  4. Joseph says

    I’d love to get a good look at how Business Insider determined this, because Texas should be represented by “Dallas” and not “Walker, Texas Ranger” — not only did “Dallas” last longer (13 seasons in its original run, plus 3 more so far for the re-boot, compared to 9 for “Walker”), but “Dallas” was nominated for 21 Emmys during that original run (including 1 win for Best Actress – Drama [Barbara Bel Geddes] and 2 nominations for Best Drama Series) whereas “Walker” received only a single Emmy nod during its 9 seasons.

  5. oncemorewithfeeling says

    And someone’s actually paying him to write this. How hard could it possibly be to make this post accurate and typo-free? He has the source material at his fingertips and he didn’t even use 150 words.

    Was there really no time to get this right? Will this be yet another inaccurate, typo-ridden post here that goes uncorrected, even after readers point out the mistakes?

    Why would we tell anyone we “saw it on Towleroad” when we’d be directing our friends to unintelligible misinformation?

  6. Wavin' Dave says

    Christian Walters is quite cute and, therefore, forgiven for his day-after-Christmas sloppy editing. I’m less troubled by his error than by the replies which just seemed to take the piece at face value. My hope for Towleroad in 2014 is that readers become a bit more savvy, and that the hijacking by readers like “RICK” and his ilk, will stop hijacking the comments with their contrived positions.
    Now, back to my eggnog.

  7. Wavin' Dave says

    My comments have been hijacked. I wrote the first entry, but not the second.
    I reiterate a wish for 2014 – a much more informed readership, devoid of “two-fisted dildo” references – whatever those are?
    Andy, maybe a review of submissions are in order?

  8. Paul R says

    I glanced at the three states where I’ve lived, Virginia, Wyoming, and California, and knew the list was quite off. Homeland (VA) does not have a huge audience and has been on, what, four years? The Virginian (WY) isn’t known to most people. And Brady Bunch never had much of a CA edge.

    I also doubt that Utah is filled to overflowing with fans of Big Love. Maybe Christian doesn’t watch TV?

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