1. Andrew says

    Was skeptical (being a kickstarter and all) but I was actually pleasantly surprised! Laughed out loud (like a real LOL) — and the gay guys are cute!

  2. RONTEX says

    I watched all 4 episodes and I think the cast has pretty good chemistry. It’s not “The Outs” but I’ll keep watching.

  3. Sam says

    just watched the first two eps–way more relatable/funny than “the outs” imo. really like it!

  4. Robert says

    An incredibly shallow and self conscious presentation of and incredibly shallow group of, like, ohmygod, youngish people. Is that meta? Or just, um, bad?

  5. agog says

    YESSSSS Another web series about twentysomethings in New York City! Just what I’ve been waiting for!!!

  6. JC says

    Now I have the utmost respect for Lena Dunham. This show is bordering on The Hills/Laguna Beach/Made in Chelsea/The Only Way is Essex, only with slightly better acting and with different background.

  7. gina says

    I have to say, I love this 20 somethings living life, trying to figure it out stuff.

    Good stuff, Good stuff