‘American Horror Story: Coven’ RECAP – ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’ [Spoilers]

There are so many things to talk about this week, but let's start with the source of all the buzz leading up to tonight's episode: Stevie Nicks. Fiona (Jessica Lange) brought the witchy woman from Fleetwood Mac around to show Misty Day (Lily Rabe) what's in store for her once she becomes the Supreme. It's all intimate Stevie Nicks concerts in your parlor and unlimited shawls and twirling, twirling, twirling.

Madison (Emma Roberts) and the girls come home just in time to hear a lovely, stripped-down version of "Rhiannon," and Madison is so over all this Misty Day worship. You can see her start to crack. What's so great about Misty? Madison is just as cute as Misty. Madison is just as smart as Misty. People totally like Madison just as much they like Misty. The jealousy is too much to take.

She invites Misty along a little stroll with a New Orleans jazz funeral. To prove that Madison definitely doesn't have any ulterior motives, she demonstrates to Misty that she too has the power to resurrect the dead by helping the recently deceased out of the casket. It's just one of the neat perks of coming back from the dead, along with fixing that pesky heart murmur. After attempting to convince Misty that she should drop the shawl Stevie gave her into the coffin as a symbolic gesture signifying her desire to be her own witch, Madison makes with the brick smashing to the back of her head and knocks Misty inside the casket. The closed casket is then placed into the crypt. So, unless she manifests the ability to teleport, it appears as if Misty has gone her own way into a dark hole for a very long time.


That's terribly inconvenient for innocent little Nan (Jamie Brewer). After she and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) learned Luke (Alexander Dreymon) died in the hospital, they went looking for his body for Misty to reanimate. Unfortunately, his mother (Patti LuPone), had his body cremated. It doesn't take long for Nan to sense what really happened to Luke, so she uses her newly manifested mind-control powers to force his mother to drink a bottle of bleach. R.I.P. Mrs. Ramsey. Farewell, (some of) Nan's innocence.

Meanwhile, Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) is using Miss Robichaux's like her personal Airbnb. Like any good houseguest, she first comes clean about her old plans to have them all killed. Upon learning that her daughter married a witch hunter, Fiona gives Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) one hell of a slap. After berating Delia for being such a ridiculous failure, Cordelia runs off to have a complete existential breakdown over all her inadequacies as Auntie Myrtle (Frances Conroy) plays the most badass instrument ever, the theremin.

While Cordelia is having a pity party, Laveau and Fiona keep the good times rolling with their little witchy slumber party. After they (presumably) finish playing light as a feather, stiff as a board, they conduct a really elaborate spell involving mice and mazes and mousetraps to have the authorities come and seize Delphi (the witch hunting corporation)'s assets. Surely if the whole corporation was just a front for a generations-old witch hunting business, they must be doing some fishy bookkeeping. I bet a call to the S.E.C. tipline could have easily rendered them equally flustered. But sure, magic.

AHS_0441Of course, now that Laveau is this close, Fiona can't resist asking her about the whole not-dying thing. What's her secret? Well, that's simple. It's just a low-carb, high-protein diet, pilates and a deal with Voodoo figure Papa Legba. But, like most deals that grant you everlasting life, this one came with a catch.

When Laveau first wished to live forever, Legba told her he'd come for her once a year. She thought he'd just want to do, you know, sex stuff. But no, he was really interested in her newborn baby, and from there the requests actually got worse. (Like the kidnapped baby Laveau's hiding for Legba upstairs right now.)

"Killing your children? Tell me more!" Fiona pretty much gushes. Intrigued, Fiona lays out milk and cookies lines of cocaine for Legba, who shows up ready to make an offer. He'll give her eternal life, if she gives him her soul. After reviewing the fine print, Fiona is ready to make a deal. They kiss, but then Legba says the deal's off: Fiona's got no soul to give.

Well, damn. I guess we're back to the original kill-all-potential-Supremes plan. And since we're still not sure who that is, we'll just have to kill them all! Good thing Fiona doesn't have a pesky soul to get in the way.

Remember that baby? Nan can hear its crying thoughts, and, once she finds it, she knows Laveau intends to slaughter it. Fiona shoos poor, (mostly) innocent Nan off and Laveau explains Legba's demanded an innocent soul. Well, it turns out Fiona has an extra (mostly) innocent soul around that she's looking to unload. So Fiona and Laveau drown Nan in the bathtub and turn her soul over to Legba.

A broken Fiona curls up in the parlor and cries as Stevie Nicks sings her "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?". Will Fiona have it in her to put down the rest of the coven?

What did you guys think of the episode? They're still playing pretty coy about Queenie really being dead, but it feels like Nan's really gone for good. For all the complaints about Ryan Murphy introducing too many plots (mine included), they really wrapped the entire Ramsey family/Nan storyline very thoroughly. With Nan out of the picture I'm not sure who I'm rooting for to take the Supreme mantle anymore.

Tell us who is your pick for the next Supreme in the comments.


  1. cdubois says

    The scene of Fiona and Marie drowning Nan was surprisingly funny, I love them as evil BFFs! I hope Misty returns and I really can’t stand Madison at this point. The first episode opens with Zoe and she is the only character not coveting the supremacy so my money is on her to be the next supreme.

  2. Cory says

    I’m pretty sure Delia is the next surpreme as she’s made no declarations and Murphy says it’s someone no one has guessed yet. Zoe has been the number 1 guess since day one.

    LOVE Madison. She’s absolutely hilarious and I think indirectly saved my other fav Misty from Fiona’s grasp.. As I believe Misty is the most innocent of all the characters, Nan second.

    With Fiona, I’m always rooting for her even though it means the demise of my other favorites.. it’s weird.

    Fav quote of the day “She’s innocent….mostly.”

    I cackled.

  3. Paul R says

    I wouldn’t be surprised is there isn’t a next Supreme and Fiona holds on to the power. We did learn that she can’t cut lines of coke very well.

    Also wouldn’t surprise me if Nan comes back. Madison definitely won’t be the next Supreme. Myrtle would have a better chance…

  4. MrRoboto says

    Stevie’s version of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You last night was exquisite and poignant.

    I loved last night’s episode even though Misty and Nan (and Luke), my favorites, all seemed to have been dispensed with. I did love Nan’s ghost’s (or was it her soul?) seeming delight in venturing off with Papa Legba. I’m hoping that Papa Legba has some wicked plans in mind for helping Nan.

    I was a bit disappointed in Misty for being so easily manipulated into potentially letting go of Stevie’s shawl. For that reason alone, I no longer think she’s the next supreme.

  5. Scotty says

    I think Queenie took Kathy Bates body/hand/head and ran off the swamp to “regenerate”… Bates character can’t be gone so easily!

  6. Reginald says

    I absolutely love Stevie Nicks. One of my all-time favorite singers. But her appearance on the show just felt like stunt casting to me. I still don’t even know what she was doing there.

  7. MaddM@ says

    the next supreme will be that firestarter that Hank shot in the hotel room.

    I thought last night’s episode was EXQUISITE!! The sequence where they cast the spell to get Delphi co to lose all their $$ was amazing, the introduction of Papa Legba really cool (they have not really been getting into the nature of voodoo as much as I thought they would with Marie Laveau). Myrtle playing theremin had the best line- the one about not being a hater. And Fiona bitchslapping Delia to the FLOOR was SO Mommy Dearest!!!!

  8. Indigo Glitterlust (@IndigoCeleste) says

    I love this show when the adults are onscreen–the Madison/Zoe bits make it feel like something on the CW. But Fiona, Delia, Marie, Myrtle, etc. are so enjoyable because those women can *act*! Loved Stevie’s appearance on the show (Reginald: she’s long been rumored to be a witch/Wiccan), and the renditions of Rhiannon and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You were everything.

  9. EricD. says

    I loved Stevie’s appearance, I’ve been patiently waiting. Hated the very idea of Misty discarding the shawl. This season has been a lot more up and down than I thought it would be, last night was one of the good ones.

  10. Sam says

    I was wondering if Fiona temporarily gave her soul to Stevie Nicks to protect while tricking Papa Legba into a deal. The reason I thought this was because the line in the song at the end says has anybody ever given you anything, have you ever given it back, well I have (paraphrasing). I was thinking that she could be working her white magic thru song at that moment giving Fiona her soul back. Any thoughts? Just because one is evil does not mean that they do not have a soul. This seems to open up a whole new story thread.