Brian Boitano Says He Intended to Never Come Out of the Closet Publicly

Brian Boitano told the AP yesterday that he planned to never come out of the closet publicly until he found himself chosen by Obama for the delegation to the Sochi Olympics and realized the group he was in.

BoitanoSaid Boitano:

"Our nation is at the forefront of trying to create a more tolerant public…The president is kind of saying to Russia that as a strong country, we believe in this and if you don't follow along, we will leave you behind in this thought process…I feel great about the delegation and being part of the movement. It's important personally to feel I am representing the country and the president's message."

The AP reports that Boitano was in Courchevel, France when the delegation was announced. He calls himself "a private guy".

He released his statement from there:

It is my desire to be defined by my achievements and my contributions. While I am proud to play a public role in representing the American Olympic Delegation as a former Olympic athlete, I have always reserved my private life for my family and friends and will continue to do so. I am many things: a son, a brother, and uncle, a friend, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is just one part of who I am. First and foremost I am an American athlete and I am proud to live in a country that encourages diversity, openness and tolerance. As an athlete, I hope we can remain focused on the Olympic spirit which celebrates achievement in sport by peoples of all nations.



    PSSSSSTTT………Hey Brian, we all kinda sorta knew, jus sayin……………

  2. MaryM says

    This guy is delusional.

    “Our nation is at the forefront of trying to create a more tolerant public”

    REALLY? REALLY? The US is doing OK in this regard but Cananda; Netherlands; Spain; Belgium; Argentina; New Zealand; France; Sweden; Denmark; Norway leave us in the dust.

    As for his statement that being gay is only 1 part of who he is and how he intended to remain cowering in his closet all his life?

    Is he a member of the Log Cabin Republic***s and that’s the type of ludicrous double speak they come out with.

    Next this little worm will be telling us he has absolutely no intention of protesting the murder and torture of gay people in Russia because the Olympics are more important.

    Oh wait – he has already done that hasn’t he?

  3. says

    What a great role model for gay youths- “Never come out.”

    After listening to Johnny Weir, I have to wonder what happens to gay male ice skaters to turn them into such upstanding human beings.

  4. MB says

    I think people are being a little harsh about his comments. He’s not saying he was never going to “come out” in his personal life…by all accounts he was already out to his family and friends. He meant he wasn’t going to come out publicly…and why should he? He isn’t in the spotlight any more. He came out “publicly” because now he is getting attention for this appointment, and given the situation surrounding Russia staying silent was just not an option. It was an appropriate time for him to say publicly “I’m gay”.

    Would people have really preferred he sent out a press release a year ago saying “I’m gay” for no apparent reason? I feel if he did that people would be attacking him for making some kind of desperate attempt at publicity or something. Give the guy a break.

  5. FAEN says

    Brian honey, headless people knew you were gay. Get to a therapist and start dealing with your internal homophobia.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    “He’s not saying he was never going to “come out” in his personal life…”

    Brian Boitano “came out” at birth. There’s not one single person who has ever been exposed to Brian Boitano — a soft-spoken, well-groomed, life-long figure skater (!) — who has not known he is gay.

    There is no such thing as “coming out” in a world that knows that gay people exist and what they look like, anyway, but Brian Boitano, of all people, was NEVER fooling anyone.

    Brian Boitano just really, really, really hates the fact that he’s gay. And that’s tragic. And I wish he would just shut up about it, already, before he does real damage.

  7. says

    If he’s such a private guy why is he the host of a TV show that each episode takes viewers into his San Francisco home as he hosts a get-together?

    He just seems uncomfortable in his own skin. Maybe Sochi will help him–and now that he’s accepted his role as part of the public delegation he has the responsibility to step up and speak out. Otherwise there is no point in him being there.

  8. Randy says

    “I am many things [long list] and being gay is just one part of who I am”

    It will be a great day when gay celebrities can stop apologizing for and minimizing who they are.

    Apparently it’s a long way off.

  9. Homo Genius says

    he does realize that its 2014, all he has to do is post a tweet or instagram – Im gay – and its news for about a day or until there is a new cute kitten photo popping up on reddit.

    I think he is pathetic personally and a poor role model. I wonder though how much he was effected by the skating powers that be. There seems to be rampant homophobia in skating even though it attracts a large number of gays. Hate him or love him, Johnny Weir pulled that closet door off its hinges and confronted the institutialized closeting. If not for him skating would still be full of “straight” guys dating their skating partners. Oh wait… it still is.

  10. janice says

    Ummm… yeah… it was pretty obvious the first time we ever saw you. If you ever thought that you were thought to be a straight man… well, time to start smelling that coffee.

  11. bb says

    In other words, Brian Boitano is out to everyone he actually knows, but chose not to make a big public splash for his own self-aggrandizement. (Like some other celebrities have, who were heavily criticized by commenters on this blog.) But he seized the opportunity to make a powerful statement when it presented itself.

    I think Brian Boitano made a brave and admirable choice. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

  12. Buckie says

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    I don’t think he owes me or “the community” anything. I certainly do not believe that I owe “the community” anything. I’ve suffered enough, with little to no appreciation for the things I’ve done in the past for a mostly apathetic “community’s” behalf.

    Sitting on the internet demanding someone else make sacrifices for you and everybody else is easy. But it doesn’t make you better than him. Not even close.

    The reality is, what he’s doing now has already made a greater difference than what anyone posting negative crap here WILL EVER do. To call him a coward at this point is really just shoeing why there is disincentive for people to come out publicly and subject themselves to this kind of trash expressed here.

    Most of you have personally done little to nothing of significance, and will never do anything of significance. Most of you don’t even CARE about people who have made the sacrifices that have resulted in the progress you enjoy. And most of you spit int he faces of people when they DO something that matters.

    When you’ve lost jobs, careers, family, suffered real black eyes, cuts and bruises, been attacked and fought back, Faced-down employers and confronted bigots in person, and suffered the consequences – THEN you can talk.

    Until then, most of you really just need to STFU.

    Because you’re hypocrites, worse than the most X-tian bigots imaginable.

  13. Sammy says

    That’s BS, Buckie. Those of us who are out in our public lives are the folks who have lost all of the things you list as qualifications for your respect. Being in the closet, whether personally or publicly or both, does no good to anyone.

  14. says

    Hey guys, I just want to Come Out…as an Uncle. Everyone in my family and circle of friends has known that I’m an Uncle for a few years now. But there’s more to me than being an Uncle, it’s just a small part of me and I’m not defined by it. I’m many things, and an Uncle is one of them. Some may say I’m not even an Uncle, but a gay man “who also *happens* to be an Uncle.”

    *end snark*

    Sort of.

    Did I make my point? If not, here it is – kudos to standing up to be counted. Thank you for coming out. I’m merely having a bit of a sigh at the tone of censoring, editing and compartmentalizing that was done. We don’t hide and evade “things that are just a small part of us” – but rather the things that we fear will be perceived by others to be “a big, and negative, deal.”

    Not saying this to be a jerk, just a sober reflection.

  15. jjose712 says

    homer: A lot of the judges in that competition are from homophobic countries.
    Add that to the fact that a lot of people don’t want to be in the spotlight when they compete, and you get a perfect combination to not come out