Ken Cuccinelli Hates Gays So Much He Sought to Further Oppress Them on Last Day in Office

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli hates gays so much that he was thinking about how to further oppress them on his last day in office, Think Progress reports:

Ken_cuccinelliCuccinelli’s non-binding opinion, which is dated January 10, 2014, concludes that “a Governor may not direct or require any agency of state government to allow same-sex couples to receive joint marital status for Virginia income tax returns.” Cuccinelli’s successor, Democrat Mark Herring, was sworn in January 11.

TP adds:

The question of whether married same-sex couples may file joint Virginia tax forms hinges upon a potential conflict in state law. Although the state constitution includes an expansive ban on same-sex marriages or similar arrangements, gay rights advocates note that forbidding same-sex couples from filing jointly “is in conflict with the state law that requires conformity with federal rules” — married couples of all kinds file joint tax returns under federal law.

Virginia's new governor Terry McAuliffe, on the other hand, made LGBT rights the first issue on his agenda.


  1. lukefromcanada says

    was there any doubt that his opinion would say this? I mean this guy is probably the biggest closet case to come out of the south since tony perkins

  2. ThomT says

    Look up the word “loser” in the dictionary and I’ll bet you’ll find a picture of Ken Cuccinelli. Hopefully his political career is over and he’ll ride off into the sunset.

  3. Ambrose says

    Towelroad, what’s with all the ads that cover up your content on the mobile site, & can’t easily be moved or closed? Reading your site has become so frustrating as to not be worth the effort.

  4. Steve says

    I can hardly wait until the day Cuccinelli is caught doing whatever he thinks is screened from view by all this smoke. Conservatives with his level of obsession over homosexuality always get caught.

  5. David C says

    “Ken Cuccinelli Hates Gays So Much He Sought to Further Oppress Them on Last Day in Office”

    Just the sort of over-the-top headline one should expect from militant progressive ideologue Andy Towle.

    Grow a brain, Andy.

  6. TKinSC says

    What’s the issue here? Mr. Cuccinelli was asked by a Delegate for an official legal opinion, and he gave it. That’s his job, even on his last day in office. The Virginia Constitution clearly prohibits the treatment of same-sex couples as married. That hardly constitutes seeking to oppress gays.

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