Which of These Gym Stereotypes Are You? – VIDEO

Dude Perfect Gym Stereotypes Selfie

YouTube comedy group Dude Perfect have added to their "Stereotypes" series with "Stereotypes: Gym" and absolutely nails the different types of guys you see when you work out.

DpYou've seen them: "The No Idea What I'm Doing Guy" misusing every piece of equipment; "The Screamer" whose reps can be heard across the gym; "The Mirror Magnet" who spends more time posing than lifting; "Talkative Timmy" carrying on conversations with absolutely everyone.

Dude Perfect was thorough in their listing, however. Not only do they list the guys you've seen, they list the guys you've been. Personally, I've been "The Treadmill Sprinter" and "The Justifier" a few times...and even "The Sweaty Guy" once or twice. Oops.

See how many stereotypes you recognize — and how many you identify with — AFTER THE JUMP...