Gay Marriage Ban to Get Full Indiana House Consideration on Monday

A bill to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage  in Indiana that passed out of a house committee on Wednesday night will get a full House consideration on Monday, WANE reports:

IndianaAfter passing out of an Indiana House committee Wednesday night, the bill banning gay marriage will have its second read in the House the week of January 27 to 31. The third and final reading of the bill known as HJR-3 will follow that and should be followed by a vote.

If it passes out of the House, the entire procedure will start over in the Senate. If it passes there, the public in November will have the chance to vote whether or not to add an amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage.

The amendment would need to pass two separately-elected General Assemblies and be approved by a voter majority in a public referendum before becoming part of the constitution.