Indiana House Panel Delays Vote on Gay Marriage Ban After Hours-Long Hearing

The Indiana House Judiciary Committee has delayed a vote on a constitutional ban on gay marriage after several hours of testimony, the AP reports:

SteuerwaldChairman Greg Steuerwald delayed the vote Monday following more than three hours of testimony from supporters and opponents. He said afterward that witnesses for both sides made compelling arguments…

Steuerwald cited a need for additional time to weigh the testimonies" according to the Purdue Exponent.

No timetable was given for a vote or further testimony.

Writes the Elkhart Truth:

The panel began at 10 a.m. with Steuerwald announcing the parameters of the hearing: each side would be given one hour and 15 minutes for testimony, with some time built in. A total of 40 speakers were scheduled to speak. HJR-3 sponsor Rep. Eric Turner introduced HJR-3 and its companion bill, House Bill 1153 before opening the floor for testimony.

Supporters of the amendment said Monday that it was needed to protect against any court decisions overturning the existing state ban on gay marriage.

But opponents testified that Indiana's national and global image is suffering. Executives with Eli Lilly and Co. and Cummins Inc. spoke of their trouble attracting talent to the state.


  1. Hey Darlin' says

    Indiana better realize that the entire United States, if not the world, IS watching and most can’t believe that there would still be a debate about whether or not LGBT citizens deserve equal rights or if they should draft a law with the sole intent to lock away those rights. If Indiana chooses to regress if would be a public relations nightmare for the state and send a very firm message to it’s citizens and potential visitors.

  2. johnny says

    As a resident of our state, I’m not that bothered by this situation. The Fed recognizes same-sex marriage for tax purposes and we already have our paperwork in order for everything else. If Indiana wants to remain the Mississippi of the north, so be it.

    If they pass a ballot measure and it gets put on our constitution, I hope it brings a lot of shame and drains even more money from this state. Let that show the republicans here just how stupid their bigotry is. I’m willing to suffer whatever I have to in order to show the nation what a backwater bigotville this supposed “sports capital” is.

    It will all be done away with in less than 10 years, anyway, when the Fed makes it mandatory for ALL states to recognize ALL marriages.

  3. whooshki says

    @ Little Kiwi; I fixed to the same point too.

    Clearly Chairman Greg Steuerwald either doesn’t know what a compelling argument looks like, or he is so clouded by homophobia that he can’t see the flaws in anti-gay arguments.

  4. RonCharles says

    Would it not be nice if some of the Indiana legislators would wake up and ask themselves the question, “Do we really want to look like a bunch of bigoted dumbasses?”

  5. john patrick says

    Judging from the decisions of Republicant leaders in this country, I don’t think many of them care about how much money or how many benefits any of their states, or their people lose. If they really cared, all of the Republican led states would have accepted the millions paid by their citizens to the IRS and provided by the Federal Government to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. If they really cared they would have been approving funds in Congress to expand jobs through public works and construction. Had they cared they would have approved the extension of unemployment benefits. These and other examples illustrate their lack of care for improving the economy and their disregard for the people in their states.

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