Indiana House Speaker Moves Gay Marriage Ban to Committee More Inclined to Advance It

BosmaIndiana House Speaker Brian Bosma made the unusual move of directing the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage from the House Judiciary Committee to the House Elections and Apportionment Committee today even though the former has already held a hearing with hours of public testimony.


The bill is stalling in the Judiciary Committee for lack of support and the new committee is more conservative and contains at least one Democrat who says he supports a ban, the AP reports:

Bosma had promised publicly to let the ban run a normal course in the Legislature but took a more forceful role in advancing it amid concerns that it would die in committee.


  1. Gerry says

    Well, he’s the speaker so apparently he can do what he wants. Guess we’re going to see alot of $$$ wasted for an Indiana campaign. Will be interesting to see what the Hoosier state does in November.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Another colossal GOP waste of politicians’ time and tax-payer money on an issue that’s on its way down the tubes nationwide. Will these GOPers never learn their lesson from tilting at windmills?

  3. Rafael says

    What kind of future do these bigots envision? Does Brian Bosma really believe for a minute that he has a chance to sustain his prejudice? or that he will somehow gain political capital out of this? Historically prejudice tends to contract so I don’t get what value there is in promoting these losing attitudes.

  4. Anthony says

    So while these gay marriage bans are being struck down across the country, Indiana will be in campaign mode about it, so essentially they will become the laughing stock of the nation. Makes perfect sense!

  5. Jeff York says

    It is like replacing the jury because you don’t like the verdict. Changing committees was one choice he had, the other was changing committee members. If he can get it to the house, it will be on the ballot. This Legislature is very bigot heavy.

  6. johnny says

    Anthony, Indiana is already the laughingstock of the nation. This just cements our role.

    It’s a typical “gerrymandering” of the courts and other systems here, happens here all the time.

  7. Stefan says

    There is still a chance it could be amended in the House, as there are still 20 undecided representatives who are all up for re-election in November, but if it advances out of the House it’s all but certain to be on the ballot

  8. jamal49 says

    Well, this is what Republicans do, change the rules, move the goalposts, lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, obstruct, whenever they cannot get their way through legal means. They’ll fail. It’s too late. Marriage equality is a force that cannot be denied. Deal with it, all you christian evangelical effluvia and christian fundamentalist filth.

  9. Icebloo says

    Republicans just love to waste taxpayer money. Oh that’s right – it’s not wasted – they give it to their rich lawyer friends who take these cases then it doesn’t look like they are simply stealing taxpayer money.

  10. Lucas H says

    If it gets banned, its just going to end up in court sooner or later, after a gay couple gets married in another state and then moves to Indiana for work or whatever. These people fighting equality are so frustrating. They truly, genuinely believe that gay marriage somehow affects their own marriages or children or society at large, and refuse to accept the proof to the contrary. Ah well. Go ahead, waste your taxpayers dollars on this useless fight, I suppose. It’s just a matter of time before this is all just another chapter of history.