1. Derrick from Philly says

    The first time I saw Jared Leto was in Jodi Foster’s “Panic Room”. I thought he was biracial or something because he had his hair in braids…plus his speaking style.

    But he was cute…with a gorgeous butt.

    Anyway, Leto will be winning an Oscar in February, and from what I’ve heard he deserves it.

    JOSHG, how do you know he’s gotta’ a big thaing? Guys with big thaings and cute butts should thank God every day for their natural gifts.

  2. Sam says

    @Derrick, you never saw My So Called Life? He was every 12 year old gay boy’s fantasy when that show was on.

    Also, he should have won an Oscar for his performance in Requiem for a Dream.

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