Judge Suggests She’s Ready to Rule in Virginia Marriage Equality Case

Could a ruling be imminent in one of two Virginia marriage equality cases pending in the state right now?

Arenda_allenGay City News reports:

Following Attorney General Mark Herring’s announcement that his office has concluded the state’s policy on gay marriage violates the 14th Amendment rights of same-sex couples, District Judge Arenda Allen, citing “the compelling Notice from the Office of the Attorney General,” notified parties that she no longer sees a need for oral arguments scheduled for January 30.

She directed all parties to respond as to whether they believe oral arguments are necessary or “whether the Court should instead rule promptly on the briefs without a hearing.” The clear suggestion is that argument would be appropriate only to articulate points not already made in the written briefs.

As we reported yesterday, a group of GOP lawmakers is now calling on Governor Terry McAuliffe to step in and defend the ban.

Responses are due January 27. Stay tuned after that…


  1. mitch reid says

    She doesn’t look like she is a friend of the gays. A gay friend would have said something about the 1988 asymmetric hairstyle?

    Margaret Gallagher had a asymmetric too. Maybe
    the judge is showing solidarity.

  2. Bud Clark says

    1. Her hair’s none of your effing business.

    2. Afro-American women IN GENERAL are more supportive of us than Afro-American men.

    3. I don’t care if she rules naked with her hair on fire (old gay saying) as long as she rules for EQUALITY.

  3. Reality says

    It’s always the same 1 or 2 people posting idiotic racist things on here. Enough already, we realize you hate yourself and take it out on others. As for this article, I’m very hopeful the judge rules fairly and OVERTURNS the equal marriage ban!

  4. Icebloo says

    Let’s see if she has the balls to rule for equality or if she is scared to upset the pastor at her church ! Too many of these judges make their rulings based on how it will affect their own lives and not the people involved in the case.

    If she is ready to make a judgement then do it ! Stop keeping us waiting and waiting endlessly. I think we have all paid enough already for our rights !

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